for long-term sample storage and highly sensitive analysis

Screw-mouthed Quartz Vial


This product is an easy-to-use, screw-mouthed quartz vial.
Quartz glass consists mostly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and, in comparison to other glasses, it hardly contains metal impurities (boron, sodium, etc.). It also exhibits excellent drug resistance and, therefore, suits to long-term storage of drugs. In addition, quartz glass can be used up to high temperatures of about 1,000°C and can withstand rapid temperature changes, enabling sterilization in autoclaves and dry heat.

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Made of SiO2 99.99% electrofused quartz

It is ideal for long-term storage because alkali elution due to metal impurities does not occur.

High heat resistance suited to rapid heating and rapid cooling

Heat-resistant and cold-resistance temperature

Main unit -196℃ ~ 1000℃
Cap -120℃ ~ 190℃*
*Quartz Screw Vials 1.5 mL
(Code Number: 299-36281)
-60℃ ~ 120℃

The vials can withstand rapid temperature changes, allowing autoclaving and dry heat sterilization.

Excellent transmittance

It exhibits good transmission properties not only for visible light but also in a wide wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared lights.

Wide-mouthed screw type easy to use

It is a wide-mouthed vial easy to place samples.

Example of Use (Preparation of qNMR Samples)

For preparation of samples for highly sensitive qNMR assay, vials with low impurity elution are preferred. The Quartz Screw Vials 5 mL and 10 mL are wide-mouthed vials with no elution of impurities, which are ideal for preparing samples for qNMR assay requiring accurate weighing.*

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    An aluminum weighing dish hits the edge....

  • Wide-mouthed screw type

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    The wide mouth makes aluminum weighing dish easy to put in!
    (The photo shows a Quartz Screw Vial 5 mL)

  • Quartz Screw Vials 1.5mL (Code No. 299-36281) is compatible for use with the autosampler.

Comparison Between Quartz Glass and Other Glasses

Classification of glass Composition (weight%) Alkali elution
SiO2 B2O3 Al2O3 Na2O+K2O CaO + BaO
Quartz glass 99.99 No
Borosilicate glass Type 1 81.0 13.0 2.0 4.0 Low
Type 2 79.0
(Including Al2O3)
11.0 Added up with SiO2 8.0 2.0 Moderate
Soda lime glass 70~73 1〜1.8 13~15 7~12 High

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