Laboratory Animal Research

In experiments with individual animals, complex individual organism-level phenomena, which cannot be observed in cells or tissues, can be observed. Animal experiments so far have generally involved drug administration, organ transplant, and surgery, but advances in genetic engineering and in vivo imaging technologies have broadened the field of research conducted at the individual organism level.

In general, mice and rats are often used as experimental animals. The reasons for this include:
(1) they are vertebrates like humans;
(2) their genomes show a relatively high homology to those of humans;
(3) they have a short generation interval;
(4) highly precise complete genomic information is available, and its database is well maintained; and
(5) there are rich resources for genetic modification and mutants.

FUJIFILM Wako has a wide lineup of reagents for animal experiments such as reagents for generating disease model animals and anesthetic reagents (for research), which are mostly used in mice and rats.


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