Amino Acid Analysis (Quantitative/Compositional Analysis)

As many drinks and supplements containing amino acids are being marketed, more attention is being focused on the functions of amino acids contained in foods. In the clinical field, the development of technology to screen future disease risks by measuring amino acids in blood samples is advancing. Against this background, there is an increasing need for more accurate evaluation of the amino acid content or composition of samples. Fujifilm Wako offers a wide range of useful derivatizing reagents for amino acid analysis as well as ready-to-use buffer solutions and coloring solutions compatible with various automated analyzers. We also offer Traceable Reference Materials (TRM), which are Fujifilm Wako's reference materials traceable to NMIJ CRM or International System of Units (SI), as amino acid standards, as well as mixed standard solutions prepared by mixing these materials as raw materials. The use of these reagents facilitates more reliable amino acid measurement.​

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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