Reference Material (SI Traceable)

Specification for our reference material

Based on international standards such as ISO/IEC 17025, NITE IA JAPAN (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation International Accreditation Japan) certifies test laboratories and calibration institutions, and operates multiple accreditation systems.
The accreditation system for reference material includes JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) which is a registration/certification program based on the measurement law, and ASNITE (Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation) which is an accreditation program that complements areas that cannot be covered by other certification programs based on domestic law.

The reference material produced by above accreditation has the following characteristics:

  1. Ensured metrological traceability to metrological references (JCSS: National standard of Japan, ASNITE: National standard of Japan and other countries)
  2. CRM (Certified Reference Material)*
  3. Meets all requirements of ISO 17034 for certified reference material by the attached symbol (CRM: ASNITE reference material producer accreditation symbol, JCSS: JCSS accreditation symbol with ILAC-MRA mark).

ISO 17034 was established by APAC (Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation) in order to standardize the method of evaluating the ability of reference material producers in each country. The certificates with the ASNITE accreditation symbol are accepted not only domestically but also internationally by APAC MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement)**.

* Chemical Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan's HP
** FUJIFILM Wako's JCSS reference material meets all requirements of ISO/IEC 17025[2017(JIS Q 17025)] and ISO 17034[2016(JIS Q 17034)], which are qualified to be a CRM.

More Information

FUJIFILM Wako's standard substances and the accreditation program

Specification JCSS for Amino Acid
Automated Analysis
Normal solution
for the Japanese
General Tests
TraceSure® TRM Our standard
Item Standards for foul smell,
VOC, Element, pH
Amino acids mixture
standard solution
Normal solutions
for volumetric analysis
Standard for
volumetric analysis
Standards for
pesticide residue, qNMR
Standards for
pesticide residue,
amino acid
Registration and accreditation
system based on
the Measurement Law
Accreditation system operated by IA Japan
to complement the fields where
the private sectors cannot cover sufficiently.
- -
standard_substance_img01.png standard_substance_img02.png - -
CERI accredited
reference material
- TraceSure® NMIJ CRM NMIJ calibration -
Traceability SI traceable -
MRA compatible - -


JCSS reference material includes "pH standard solution" and "standard solution other than pH standard solution" in the standard solution category. Over 90 types of standard solutions are subject to JCSS. The standard solution is set as one of the reference material supply forms based on the reference material maintenance plan established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. A new JCSS standard solution has been added under this plan.
The JCSS reference material is traceable to the specified reference materials, which is manufactured by the designated calibration institute CERI (Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute) under the Measurement Law. It is provided to the user as a reference substance with a JCSS symbol attached certificate by the JCSS registered operator.
FUJIFILM Wako, as a JCSS registered operator of inorganic (ion, metal), organic and pH standard solutions, is fundamentally supporting the reliability of various test and calibration results by ensuring traceability to national measurement standards.
In addition, we have been certified as an international MRA accreditation operator by IA Japan, which is a member of MRA of ILAC/APAC. As a proof, we issue a calibration certificate with the JCSS certification symbol with ILAC MRA. The values ​​described in this calibration can be accepted internationally by the MRA of ILAC/APAC.

Traceability of JCSS


Normal Solution for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia General Tests

Traceability of Normal Solution for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia General Tests


for Amino Acid Automated Analysis

In 2019, FUJIFILM Wako acquired the “Amino acid mixed standard material producer” for the first time in Japan based on ASNITE certification, and started the production of amino acid CRM that can be “measurement” for amino acid measurement.
Amino acids are components that make up proteins, and are important nutritional components contained in various foods such as meat and grains. In recent years, many drinks and supplements containing amino acids become pupular, and the function of amino acids contained in foods has gathered attention.
In the clinical field, technological development is progressing to screen future risks of cancer, diabetes, and stroke by measuring amino acids in blood. There is a growing need for more accurate evaluation of amino acid contents in samples.

This product uses NMIJ CRM or our SI traceable standard TRM (Traceable Reference Material). We have established a reference material production system based on ISO 17034 by transferring accurate liquid preparation technology from NMIJ, obtaining stability data and concentration confirmation tests at FUJIFILM Wako. Using the certified amino acid mixed standard solution assures a reliable amino acid measurement.

Traceability of "for Amino Acid Automated Analysis"



TraceSure® is a CRM series with a certificate in which NMIJ has determined the purity by adding the uncertainty obtained from FUJIFILM Wako's homogeneity and stability evaluation to the purity valued by the SI traceable measurement method.
The characteristic values of TraceSure® are SI traceable via the NMIJ analysis values, and can express the measurement traceability. TraceSure® series are accredited as reference material producers by the ASNITE accreditation program operated by IA Japan. The accredited values listed in the TraceSure® series certifications can be accepted internationally by the MRA of ILAC/APAC.

Traceability of TraceSure® / Normal Solution for Volumetric Analysis


Traceability of TraceSure® / Standards for Pesticide Residue and qNMR


TRM (Traceable Reference Material)

TRM series is SI traceable reference material which purity is measured by the method established by NMIJ and FUJIFILM Wako added the uncertainty of homogeneity and stability.

Traceability of TRM


For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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