Flow Reaction Catalyst

The flow reaction has advantages such as...

  • Can be automated
  • Compact equipment
  • High safety because the energy required for heating and cooling is small
  • The purification operation is simple (unnecessary) because of efficient reaction


In addition to the above advantages, the heterogeneous catalyst has the advantages such as...

  • Can be applied to many reactions by changing a catalyst
  • Production volume can be controlled by changing a catalyst column size
  • An ideal reaction system with less catalyst contamination in a product from the viewpoint of green chemistry


On the other hand, the heterogeneous catalyst has the following challenges...

  • A catalytic activity is reduced by immobilizing a catalyst on a carrier
  • Pressure load on the column by flowing the substrate through a catalyst particles
  • Contact failure between the substrate and a catalyst due to swelling and contraction of a carrier

In order to overcome these charrenges, it is necessary to study the type of carrier, particle size, pore size, catalyst supporting method, catalyst filling amount on the column, back pressure adjustment, and so on.


FUIFILM Wako has several kinds of catalysts suitable for flow reactions


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