Presep® Multi-layer Silica Gel & Active Carbon-impregnated Silica Gel

SPE Column for Dioxin Analysis in accordance with JIS

For dioxins analysis, samples are cleaned up by multi-layer silica gel column chromatography, activated alumina chromatography or activated carbon silica gel chromatography. These cartridge columns are packed with solid-phase carriers for the treatment.


Designed according to JIS K 0311 (Method for determination of dioxins and coplanar PCB in exhaust gas) and JIS K 0312 (Method for determination of dioxins and coplanar PCB in industrial water and waste water)

  • Column plug and moisture-proof aluminum packaging bag prevent quality deterioration during storage.
  • Ideal for analysis of dioxins* (Blank test for dioxins and coplanar PCB by high-resolution GC/MS has been implemented.)
  • Fraction test for dioxins and coplanar PCB has been carried out (Presep® Alumina, Activated DX).
  • Less eluent needed by applying reflux extraction (Presep® Active Carbon-impregnated Silica Gel Reverse Column)

    *Except Presep® Multi-layer Silica Gel

Dioxin Analysis Flow


Multi-layer Silica Gel


Activated Carbon-impregnated Silica Gel

How to set-up for normal phase


How to set-up for reverse column


Suitability for Dioxin Determination

Dibenzo-p-dioxane Specification
Dibenzo-p-furan Specification
Co-PCB Specification
Tetra-CDDs 1 Tetra-CDFs 1 Tetra-CBs 10
Penta-CDDs 1 Penta-CDFs 1 Penta-CBs 10
Hexa-CDDs 1 Hexa-CDFs 1 Hexa-CBs 10
Hepta-CDDs 5 HeptaCDFs 5 Hepta-CBs 5
Octa-CDD 5 Octa-CDF 5

Performance of Fractionation

Detection of dioxins and non-ortho Co-PCB in the toluene fraction (recovery rate: left, amount of the solvent : right)

  • 00993_img05.png
  • 00993_img06.png
  1. Charge 1 mL of the sample to the upper layer of the Presep Active Carbon-impregnated Silica Gel (Reverse Column). [14 species Co-PCB (each 10 ng/mL), 1,3,6,8-TCDF, OCDD (15 ng/mL hexane solution)]
  2. Wash the wall of the glass tube with a small amount of hexane (0.5 mL) and leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. Elute with hexane (50 mL) and 25 v/v% dichloromethane/hexane (150 mL). After reversing the column, elute with toluene (100 mL ※10 mL fractions×10)

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Pretreatment reagent

Analytical column

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