Serum-Free Cell Freezing Medium


BAMBANKER™ is a serum-free medium for long-term freezing at -80°C and preservation of valuable culture cells such as tumor cells and normal cells.
BAMBANKER™ Direct is improved operability. It doesn't require centrifugation for cell collecting.

User report 1 by: Shota Moriya, Department of Biochemistry, Tokyo Medical University
User report 2 by:Dr. Atsunori Sato of Tagawa Laboratory, School and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo Institute of Technology


  • Ready-to-use medium for preservation of cells
  • Usable without diluting
  • NO program freezer is required
  • Rapid and long-term freezing and preservation in a deep freezer (-80°C)
  • Serum-free

Operating Procedure





Sterility test

Endotoxin:   Chromogenic substrate method
Mycoplasma:   Fluorescent antibody method
Fungi and bacteria:   As per Japanese Pharmacopoeia
**: Certificate of analysis will be issued upon request.


Cell lines

201B7 (human iPS cell line) 3T3-L1 (mouse preadipocyte cell line) A431 (human squamous cell carcinoma cell line)
BAEC (bovine aortic vascular endothelial cell line) Balb/3T3 (mouse fibroblast cell line) C2C12 (mouse skeletal muscle cell line)
Daudi (human B cell line) ECV 304 (human umbilical vein endothelial cell line) H295R (adrenal cortex cells)
HEK 293 (human embryonic kidney cell line) HEK293T (human fetal kidney cell line) HeLa (human cervical cancer cell line)
HeLa S3 (human cervical cancer cell line) HepG2 (human liver cancer cell line) HFF (human normal fibroblast cell line)
Huh7 (human liver cancer cell line) •Jurkat (human leukemia T cell line) K562 (human chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line)
KATO III (human gastric cancer epithelial cell line) KLM-1 (human pancreatic cancer cell line) MDCK (canine kidney tubular epithelial cell line)
DT40 (derived from chicken B cells) NIH3T3 (mouse fetal skin cell line) OKT4 (mouse hybridoma)
OP9 (mouse myeloid stromal cells) P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line) PANC-1 (human pancreatic cancer cell line)
•PC12 (rat-derived adrenal pheochromocytoma cell line) RPE (human membrane epithelial cell line) SNL (mouse fetal fibroblasts)
TSU-Pr1 (human prostate cancer cell line) Vero (African green monkey kidney cell line) Mouse ES cell line
Human immortalized myocytes Human immortalized myocytes

Primary cells

MEF (mouse fetal fibroblasts) Human γδ T cells Human peripheral blood-derived activated lymphocytes
PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) Mouse spleen-derived activated lymphocytes

Cell Bank

JCRB (Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources) provides one of the most comprehensive cell banks in the world for pure and applied science, spanning many fields of research across the globe.
We have teamed up with the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation to bring you access to over 1,600 cell lines as the exclusive provider of JCRB's comprehensive catalog of cell lines.



Comparison of preservation efficiency of mouse fibroblast strain

BAMBANKER™ Self prepared solution
Cells used: Mouse fibroblast cell line
Number of cells stored: 4 × 106 cells / vial. Each cell was suspended in 1mL of preservation solution.
Storage temperature: -80°C. Cells were directly placed in storage box and cooled without using BICELL, etc.
Storage period: 45 days
Thawing method: Cells were thawed according to the conventional method.
Method of measuring
preservatiion efficiency:
After thawing, 5 x 104 cells were inoculated into a 24-well culture plate with 1 mL DMEM medium, and the cell density per culturing area was measured by successive timlapse imaging.
Data by Shota Moriya, Department of Biochemistry, Tokyo Medical University

Better cell viability was obtained using BAMBANKER™ than self-prepared preservative solution.



Comparison of Bambanker™ with other relevant products

[Cryopreservation Test]


*1: Storage period of Cell Line at -80ºC

Media tested
1. Bambanker™ (LYMPHOTEC Inc.)
2. Medium with serum (Company A)
3. Serum-free Medium (Company A)


  • Use only for research purposes, not for human use.
  • Prior to using this medium, perform the confirmation test on the cells under study.
  • The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any accident or damage caused by the use of this product.
  • If you have any questions on the use of this medium, please contact the local distributor.


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