Fujifilm Wako proudly provides high-quality reagents for neuroscience research.

We especially focus on antibodies and ELISA kits for neurodegenerative diseases. Our products including anti-Iba1 antibody and Amyloid-beta ELISA kits are widely respected. Our neuroscience reagents have unique advantages satisfying researchers' needs and they are practically evaluated by neuroscientists.

We support neuroscience research with our high-quality reagents.

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Title Conference Year Language Data
Development of a novel highly sensitive mBDNF sandwich ELISA Neuroscience 2022 2022 English PDF
Development of a novel highly sensitive oxytocin ELISA Neuroscience 2023 2023 English PDF

Special Contents: Front line of Neurodegenerative Diseases Research


In this series of articles, in a total of seven episodes, scientists describe the present state and prospects of general neurodegenerative diseases. The planning and composition of this series were advised by Prof. Takeshi Iwatsubo, Department of Neuropathology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo.

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