Olfactory Marker

Olfactory Nerve Marker Antibodies

Olfactory marker protein (OMP) is a soluble acid protein expressed in mature olfactory neurons.

This product is an antiserum containing goat polyclonal antibody against OMP. It specifically reacts with olfactory neurons and their axons in many vertebrates, including rodents, human, marsupials, and amphibians.


Form Goat antiserum diluted 1:1 with glycerol (containing 0.05 % NaN3)
Antigen Rodent olfactory marker proteins
Cross-reactivity rodents, human, marsupials, and amphibians
Applications Western blotting  ~ 1:50,000
Immunohistochemistry   1:200(paraffin-embedding) ~ 1:50,000(free-floating)

Usage example -Immunohistochemical staining-


Immunostaining of adult mouse olfactory epithelium
Green: OMP (detected with Cy2)

Data Source: Dr.Frank L. Margolis and Dr. Jae Hyung Koo, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, School of Medicine, University of Maryland

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