For simple isolation of neurons from brain tissues

Neuron Dissociation Solutions

Our neuron dissociation solutions can be used to dissociate and isolate neurons from tissues derived from the central nervous system of rat and mouse. It is composed of 3 solutions (enzyme, dissociation, and isolation solutions).
The product is ready-to-use without the need for preparations, and achieves simple isolation of neurons while maintaining high cell viability.


  • Simple and stable isolation of neurons
  • Ready to Use


Reagents needed

  1. Frozen neuron series
  2. Neuron dissociation solutions (code No. 291-78001) or neuron dissociation solutions S (code No. 297-78101)
  3. Neuron culture medium (code No. 148-09671)
When using frozen neurons

 4. Washing solution: Leibovitz’s L-15 medium (code No. 128-06075) or HPSS (+) (code No.128-06075)

Experimental protocol


Recommended volumes of dissociation solutions

Experimental condition Type of solution Amount Recommended products
For samples containing large tissues that need to be dissociated
(1-3 cerebral hemispheres from mouse or rat embryos)
Enzyme solution 5.0mL Neuron Dissociation Solutions
(Code: 291-78001)
Dispersion solution 3.0mL
Isolation solution 5.0mL
For samples containing small tissues that need to be dissociated
(1-8 hippocampi from mouse or rat embryos)
Enzyme solution 2.5mL Neuron Dissociation Solutions S
(Code: 297-78101)
Dispersion solution 2.5mL
Isolation solution 2.5mL

Dissociation and Isolation of Frozen Neurons

Frozen neurons from our company were thawed, and were dissociated and isolated in the neuron dissociation solutions.

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    Hippocampus, from mouse (embryonic day 16) Total(cells/vial) 4.32 x 105
    Viable(cells/vial) 3.83 x 105
    Cell viability(%) 89
    Cerebral cortex, from mouse (embryonic day 15) Total(cells/vial) 6.64 x 106
    Viable(cells/vial) 6.09 x 106
    Cell viability(%) 92
    Hippocampus, from rat (embryonic day 19) Total(cells/vial) 1.37 x 106
    Viable(cells/vial) 1.24 x 106
    Cell viability(%) 90
    Cerebral cortex, from rat (embryonic day 17) Total(cells/vial) 1.32 x 107
    Vialble(cells/vial) 1.17 x 107
    Cell viability(%) 89
    Cerebral striatum, from rat (embryonic day 17) Total(cells/vial) 2.73 x 106
    Viable(cells/vial) 2.58 x 106
    Cell viability(%) 95

▶The data demonstrated that the use of neuron dissociation solutions enables isolation of cells from frozen samples with high viability (~90%).

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