Crude Drug

Crude drugs are natural origin drugs such as plants (including animals and minerals), which are used only by simple processing.
It is used for various symptoms by mixing crude drugs in multiple combinations. In Japan, the treatment of mixing crude drugs has a long history, and currently, crude drugs have attracted attention as a therapy method for improving the self-healing power of humans by active ingredients of natural origin.
Each crude drug has multiple active ingredients that give different effects. Its qualities are determined by confirmation test (qualitative and quantitative) using standards. Our "crude drugs test reagents" are good testing reagents.
In Japan, testing methods for crude drugs are specified in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP). Approximately 100 products for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Crude Drugs Test and about 60 products for Crude Drugs Determination are available from Fujifilm Wako. The Products "for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Crude Drugs Test" are listed in "Reagents, Test Solutions" in the JP and are used for identification tests and purity tests. The Products "for Crude Drugs Determination" are the main active ingredients of crude drugs or crude drug standards. (Products will be added in the future in accordance with the revision of the JP.)



These products are reagents used for each crude drug test listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Crude Drugs Test

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Code # Product Name Analysis for Crude drug Note
017-22731 Achyranthes Root TLC Achyranthes Root
018-23741 Aconitum Diester Alkaloids Standard Quantitative test Aconitie Root
014-23721 Aconitum Monoester Alkaloids Standard Quantitative test Aconitie Root
016-22201 Albiflorin General testing of JP Paony Root
017-26631 Alisma Tuber Triterpenes Reagent Confirmation test Alisma Rhizome
018-20681 Alisol A TLC Alisma Rhizome
019-26571 Alisol B   Alisma Rhizome
010-26621 Alisol B Monoacetate   Alisma Rhizome
015-26551 Allantoin TLC Dioscorea Rhizome
017-23571 Amygdalin Quantitative test / TLC Apricot Kernel
Peach Kernel
019-23771 Arbutin Quantitative test / TLC Bearberry leaf
018-24221 Artemisia Argyi Assay test Artemisia Leaf qNMR assay
012-24121 Asarinin TLC Asiasarum Root
013-22571 (E)-Asarone General testing of JP Scopolia Rhizome
015-20691 Astragaloside Ⅳ TLC Astragalus Root
018-24461 Atractylenolide Ⅲ Quantitative test / TLC Atractylodes Rhizome
015-24471 Atractylodin TS Quantitative test Atractylodes Lancea Rhizoma
011-23731 Atropine Sulfate Hydrate Quantitative test / TLC Belladonna Root
Scopolia Rhizome
024-15691 Baicalin TLC Scutellaria Root
022-16971 Barbaloin Quantitative test / TLC Aloe
022-16611 Benzoylmesaconine Hydrochloride Quantitative test / TLC Aconitie Root
025-17181 Berberine Chloride Hydrate TLC Corydalis Tuber
Phellodendron Bark
Coptis Rhizome
027-16421 Bergenin TLC Mallotus Bark
025-19381 Bilirubin Quantitative test Oriental Bezoar
020-16411 Bisdemethoxycurcumin General testing of JP Turmeric
029-18941 Borneol Acetate TLC Amomum Seed
029-16981 Bufalin Quantitative test Toad Venom
023-18721 Butyl Parahydroxybenzoate Confirm of separation Moutan bark
034-21121 (E)-Capsaicin Quantitative test / TLC Capsicum
035-23091 Chikusetsusaponin Ⅳ TLC Panax Rhizome
039-20331 (E)-Chlorogenic Acid TLC Lonicera Leaf and Stem
036-25841 Cholic Acid TLC Oriental Bezoar
034-21981 (E)-Cinnamaldehyde TLC Cinnamon Bark
037-22211 (E)-Cinnamic acid Quantitative test / TLC Cinnamon Bark qNMR assay
037-21971 Cinobufagin Quantitative test Toad Venom
038-22001 Coptisine Chloride TLC Coptis Rhizome
031-21991 Curcumin Quantitative test Turmeric
035-22011 Cycloartenyl Ferulate TLC Brown Rice
045-32941 Dehydrocorydaline Nitrate Quantitative test / TLC Corydalis Tuber
049-31001 Demethoxycurcumin General testing of JP Turmeric
049-34661 Deoxycholic Acid TLC Oriental Bezoar
040-34831 Diphenyl Sulfone Quantitative test Perilla Herb qNMR assay
057-09471 Eugenol TLC Clove
059-09311 Evodiamine Quantitative test Euodia Fruit qNMR assay
067-06091 (E)-Ferulic Acid Quantitative test Japanese Angelica root qNMR assay
060-06081 Fructose TLC Rehmannia Root
073-05891 Geniposide Quantitative test / TLC Gardenia Fruit qNMR assay
073-05031 Gentiopicroside TLC Gentian
Japanese Gentian
076-05901 [6]-Gingerol Quantitative test / TLC Ginger qNMR assay
072-06581 Ginsenoside Rb1 TLC Red Ginseng
075-05231 Ginsenoside Rc General testing of JP Red Ginseng
072-05241 Ginsenoside Re General testing of JP Red Ginseng
072-06601 Ginsenoside Rg1 TLC Red Ginseng
076-05761 4'-O-Glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol TLC Saposhnikovia Root
070-05161 Glycyrrhizic Acid TLC Glycyrrhiza
Prepared Glycyrrhiza
075-06571 Glycyrrhizic Acid Monoammonium Confirm of separation Glycyrrhiza
Prepared Glycyrrhiza
073-05771 Guaiacol Quantitative test Wood Creosote
085-09311 Hesperidin Quantitative test / TLC Citrus Unshiu Peel
085-09291 Hirsutine Quantitative test / TLC Uncaria Thorn
083-08511 Honokiol Quantitative test Magnolia Bark
081-09271 10-Hydroxy-2-(E)-decenoic Acid Quantitative test / TLC Royal Jelly qNMR assay
089-09211 Hyodeoxycholic Acid TLC Bear Bile
086-10691 Hyperoside TLC Crataegus Fruit
094-05281 Icariin TLC Epimedium Herb
085-08691 (E)-Isoferulic Acid General testing of JP Cimicifuga Rhizome
123-06101 Limonin TLC Phellodendron Bark
129-05341 Liquiritin TLC Glycyrrhiza
128-05931 Loganin Quantitative test / TLC Cornus Fruit qNMR assay
125-05441 Luteolin TLC Chrysanthemum Flower
134-18381 Magnoflorine Iodide Quantitative test Kakkontokasenkyushin’i Extract qNMR assay
130-16781 Magnolol Quantitative test / TLC Magnolia Bark qNMR assay
135-17711 Manninotriose TLC Rehmannia Root
132-16562 l-Menthol Quantitative test Mentha Herb
134-16181 (E)-2-Methoxycinnamaldehyde TLC Cinnamon Bark
138-18281 Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate Confirm of separation Scutellaria Root
137-16291 Myristicin TLC Nutmeg
149-07901 Naringin TLC Rhubarb
Citrus Unshiu Peel
Bitter Orange Peel
148-08571 Nodakenin TLC Peucedanum Root
151-02641 Osthole TLC Cnidium Monnieri Fruit
164-21731 Paeoniflorin TLC Paony Root
164-24891 Paeonol Quantitative test / TLC Moutan Bark qNMR assay
165-22481 Palmatine Chloride General testing of JP Phellodendron Bark
161-24161 Perillaldehyde Quantitative test / TLC Perilla Herb
165-28721 Peucedanum Ledebourielloides Quantitative test Saposhnikovia Root
168-24171 Plantago Seed TLC Plantago Seed
162-28731 Platycodin D TLC Platycodon Root
165-25281 (±)-Praeruptorin A TLC Peucedanum Root
166-26791 Propyl Parahydroxybenzoate Confirm of separation Royal Jelly
185-02681 Resibufogenin Quantitative test / TLC Toad Venom qNMR assay
187-03121 Rhaponticin TLC Rhubarb
182-03311 Rhein Quantitative test / TLC Rhubarb qNMR assay
188-02671 Rhynchophylline Quantitative test / TLC Uncaria Thorn
181-02661 Rosmarinic Acid Quantitative test / TLC Perilla Herb qNMR assay
184-03131 Rutin TLC Crataegus Fruit
192-16281 Saikosaponin a Quantitative test / TLC Bupleurum Root
194-19041 Saikosaponin a,d Mixture Standard Reagent Quantitative test Bupleurum Root qNMR assay (raw material)
199-16171 Saikosaponin b2 Quantitative test Bupleurum Root qNMR assay
194-18941 Saikosaponin b2 Standard Reagent Quantitative test Bupleurum Root qNMR assay (raw material)
199-16311 Saikosaponin d Quantitative test Bupleurum Root
196-18261 Sarsasapogenin TLC Anemarrhena Rhizome
197-13551 Schizandrin TLC Scisandra Fruit
195-18231 Scopolamine Hydrobromide Hydrate TLC Scopolia Rhizome
191-16751 Scopoletin TLC Artemisia Leaf
191-18211 Sennoside A TLC Senna Leaf
197-16231 Sesamin TLC Sesame
192-16161 [6]-Shogaol Quantitative test / TLC Processed Ginger qNMR assay
198-18221 Sinomenine Quantitative test / TLC Sinomenium Stem
197-15491 Sodium Glycocholate TLC Bear Bile
195-16911 Stachyose TLC Rehmannia Root
199-18251 Sweet Hydrangea Leaf Dihydroisocoumarin TLC Sweet Hydrangea Leaf
191-13951 Swertiamarin TLC Swertia Herb
212-01461 Umbelliferone TLC Artemisia Leaf
223-02271 Verbascoside TLC Cistanche salsa
236-02321 Wogonin TLC Scutellaria Root

for Crude Drugs Determination

The Products "for Crude Drugs Determination" are the main active ingredients of crude drugs or crude drug standards. (Products will be added in the future in accordance with the revision of the JP.)

Code # Product name Assay Crude drug
019-14621 Aconitine Standard 99.0+% (HPLC) Aconitie Root
019-24631 Arctiin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Burdock Fruit
016-10351 Aucubin Standard 97.0+% (HPLC) Plantago Seed
027-07751 Baicalein Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Scutellaria Root
039-21551 Carbazochrome Sodium Sulfonate Trihydrate 99.0+% (based on anhydride) Saffron
032-10551 Catalpol Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Rehmannia Root
032-23861 Cimigenol Standard 95.0+% (HPLC) Cimicifuga Rhizome
035-13721 Cinobufotalin Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Toad Venom
030-20741 Corosolic Acid Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Banaba
030-24521 Coumarin Standard 99.0+%(HPLC) Melilot
042-32711 Dehydrocostus Lactone Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Saussurea Root
045-28911 Dihydrocapsaicin Standard 99.0+% (HPLC) Capsicum
040-32991 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Black Ginger
Black Turmeric
042-32331 Dimethylesculetin Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Artemisia Capillaris Flower
040-34691 3,6'-Di-O-sinapoylsucrose Standard 95.0+% (HPLC) Polygala Root
056-08601 Echinacoside Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Cistanche Salsa
056-09061 Ellagic Acid Standard 99.0+% (HPLC) Japanese Oakblue
059-08211 Emetine Dihydrochloride Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Ipecacuanha
052-04921 Ergosterol Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Polyporus Sclerotium
056-05161 β-Eudesmol Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Atractylodes Lancea Rhizoma
078-05841 Geniposidic Acid Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Gardenia Fruit
Plantago Seed
079-06231 [8]-Gingerol Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Ginger
072-06221 [10]-Gingerol Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Ginger
070-04821 Glabridin 97.0+% (HPLC) Glycyrrhiza
073-06251 Glycohyodeoxycholic Acid Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Bear Bile
077-04951 Gomisin A Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Scisandra Fruit
074-04961 Gomisin N Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Scisandra Fruit
084-07061 Hypaconitine 98.0+%(HPLC) Aconitie Root
099-03651 Isofraxidine Standard 99.0+% (HPLC) Herbal Gokahi
096-06961 Isoimperatorin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Glehnia Root
Angelica Dahurica Root
099-06951 Isoliquiritigenin Standard 96.0+% (HPLC)
87.0+% (qNMR)
121-05801 (Z)-Ligustilide Standard Solution (0.1 mg/mL Methanol Solution) 0.097~0.103 mg/mL Japanese Angelica root
123-06341 Liquiritigenin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Glycyrrhiza
138-17201 Magnoflorine Standard 95.0+%(HPLC) Magnolia Flower
130-12261 Mesaconitine 98.0+% (HPLC) Aconitie Root
136-19181 Mulberroside A Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Mulberry Bark
142-09191 Neohesperidin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Immature Orange
140-09871 Nootkatone Standard 95.0+%(capillary GC) Alpiniae Fructus
140-09631 Notoginsenoside R1 Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Pseudoginseng
156-02831 γ-Oryzanol Standard 98.0+% (absorptiometric analysis) Brown Rice
150-01511 Oxymatrine Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Sophora Root
169-26781 Phillyrin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Forsythia Fruit
162-26771 Phlorin Standard 98.0+% (HPLC) Bitter Orange Peel
Immature Orange
180-03611 Resibufogenin Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Toad Venom
192-17521 Saikosaponin b1 Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Bupleurum Root
197-16091 Sennoside B Standard 98.0+%(HPLC) Senna Leaf
198-13601 Shikonin (mixture of optical isomers, about 1:1) 98.0+%(HPLC) Purple Gromwell
198-13581 Shikonin (mixture of optical isomers, about 6:1) 98.0+%(HPLC) Purple Gromwell
191-13331 Shikonin Standard 99.0+% (HPLC) Purple Gromwell

TLC Stains

Code # Product name Analysis for Crude drug
012-28261 2-Aminoethyl Diphenylborinate TLC Arnica Flower

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for the Japanese Pharmacopoeia Crude Drugs Test

for Crude Drugs Determination

TLC Stains

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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