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for Biochemistry
Specification Assay :
98.0+% (HPLC)
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep at 2-10 degrees C.
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JPY 6,800

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JPY 2,850

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Overview / Applications

Outline This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.
This is one of the synthetic adrenal cortical hormones and a drug for rheumatism and skin diseases. It affects adhesion and maintenance of cells significantly when added to a medium for primary monolayer culture of hepatocytes, etc.
Hormones are physiological substances produced in a specific tissues or organs and transferred via blood to other sites to control the functions of the target organs.Hormones are classified by the chemical structure as follows:a) Protein hormone and peptide hormone: Hypophysis hormone and pancreatic hormoneb) Biogenic amine hormone: Neurohormone and thyroid hormonec) Steroid hormone: Sex hormone and adrenal cortex hormoneThe uppermost surface of the adrenal cortex is covered with connective tissues followed by the zona glomerulosa, zona fasciculata and zona reticularis from outside to inside, and the further inner part is medulla.Mineral corticoid is secreted from the zona glomerulosa, glucocorticoid from the zona fasciculata, and sex hormone (follicular hormone, corpus luteum hormone, androgenic hormone) from the zona reticularis.
Representative naturally-occurring glucocorticoids include corticosterone and cortisone, and more potent synthetic glucocorticoids with minor adverse effects include prednisolone, triamcinolone and betamethasone.1. Increased blood glucose: Increases blood glucose by inhibiting incorporation and utilization of glucose in the peripheral part.2. Fat metabolism: Has no direct action to decompose fats but enhances lipolysis by other hormones and cyclic AMP.3. Inhibition of vascular hyperpermeability: Constricts peripheral vessels to inhibit vascular hyperpermeability by increasing the sensitivity of smooth muscles to catecholamine.4. Proinflammatory and antiallergic: Inhibits prostaglandin production and reduces inflammation induction and fever. It also inhibits immune response and allergic reaction.Synthetic glucocorticoidCompared to natural glucocorticoid, it has stronger antirheumatic action and weaker adverse effects. Its antirheumatic action is 35 times as strong as cortisone.


Appearance White - slightly yellow, crystals - powder
Melting Point about 245 degrees C (dec.)
Specific Rotation [α]D20 +72 - +80゜ (c=1, 1,4-dioxane)

Manufacturer Information


For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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