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Recombinant Endotoxin Detection ReagentPYROSTAR™ Neo

  • Chromogenic Technique
  • Endotoxin Specific
  • Recombinant

PYROSTAR™ Neo is a new endotoxin detection reagent developed by recombinant technology.

PYROSTAR Neo is a lyophilized reagent that combines 3 recombinant factors (factor C, factor B, proclotting enzyme) with sequences derived from Limulus polyphemus and a chromogenic substrate (peptidyl pNA).
The PYROSTAR™ Neo is high sensitive with specific assay for endotoxin.


  • Since colorimetric method, the same colorimetric plate reader can be used.
  • Same cascade reaction as Lysate reagent, conforms to traditional detection.
  • Endotoxin specific reagent, no false positive risk of (1→3)-β-D-glucan.
  • Quantification of endotoxin with a wide range of 0.001 to 50 EU / mL and high sensitivity
  • Could be stored at 2-8℃ about 4H after solution/at -30 degree for about 2 weeks. Reagent waste is reduced.


Code No. Product Name Determination range Package
294-36731 PYROSTAR™ Neo 0.001 - 50EU/mL 50tests

Standard Curve


Detection condition

  • Sample size : 50μL
  • Equipment : Biotek ELx808IU
  • Detection wavelength : <Main>405nm <Reference>650nm
  • Measurement period : 60mins
  • Onset OD : 0.015
  • Detection mode : Kinetic onset time
  • Regression equation : log(Ta) = -0.1835 log(C) +2.876
  • Correlation coefficient : -0.996


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