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About Wako LAL system

In addition to providing the measurement system and lysate reagent, we will support you carefully to do the measurement tests.

There are three methods of endotoxin test method, gel-clot technique, turbidimetric technique and chromogenic technique listed in the Pharmacopoeia, and the features, methods and precautions at the time of implementation are different with each test method.
On the other hand, their measurement targets are also varied, and it is necessary to establish the measurement conditions appropriately according to the characteristics and management standards. We prepare various manuals and standard books as the guidance for those engaged in the same test, but devising not described in the manuals will be also required during the actual testing work.
Therefore, we regularly hold the training courses and also carry out the in-house seminars and individual training etc, according to your request, and support that you can understand the test methods deeply.

Wako LAL system

About Wako LAL system


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