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Endotoxin Detection ReagentsLimulus Color KY Series

  • Chromogenic Technique
  • Endotoxin Specific

Limulus Color KY series is intended for the detection of endotoxin specific by Quantitative Kinetic Chromogenic Assay(KCA).
These series offer a highly sensitive measurement.

  • Endotoxin-specific lysate, avoids false positive results from glucans
  • Available in multi-tests vials or single-test vials
  • Quantitative Kinetic-Chromogenic Assay (KCA) reagent
  • KCA can be performed in tube reader or microplate reader
  • KCA quantitative range detection limit of 0.0002 EU/mL (Single test) and 0.0005 EU/mL (Multi test).
  • Available with matched control standard endotoxin (CSE)
  • 0.1 mL or 0.2 mL sample size when used with tube reader:0.05 mL sample size when used with microplate reader
  • Single test:
    The lysate reagent for one measurement is dispensed in advance in a test tube.
  • Multi test:
    The lysate reagent which dissolve in water for BET(bacterial endotoxin test), dispense the necessary amount in reaction tubes or plates.


The reagent is based on the color development mechanism, which is activated by the presence of endotoxin. First, a series of activations of serine protease precursors in the reagent occur, consequently triggering the final reaction, in which a clotting enzyme hydrolyzes the chromogenic substrate to release a yellow chromogen (pNA).


Color Development Cascade Mechanism of the Limulus Color Reagent

Single test Type
Catalog No. Product Name KCA Quantitative Range
with CSE
Limulus Color KY Single Test Wako 0.0002 - 5 25 tests

Kit: Limulus Color reagent, 1 sample for 0.2 mL x 25 vials; Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) x 1 vial

Multi test Type
Catalog No. Product Name KCA Quantitative Range
with CSE
Limulus Color KY Test Wako 0.0005 - 5 60 tests
(120 tests with microplate reader)

Kit: Limulus Color reagent for 2 mL (20 tests with tube reader / 40 tests with microplate reader) x 3 vials; Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) x 1 vial
LAL reagent solution can be stored below −80 ℃ for up to 2 weeks.


Tube Reader


Microplate Reader


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