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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

[Chromatography Q & A] HPLC columns for nonionic surfactants analysis

"Solid-phase extraction-high performance liquid chromatography method" was added to the measurement method of nonionic surfactants in the Japanese water quality standard items (Notification No. 66 of ...

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

[Chromatography Q & A] What are the differences between Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua for anionic surfactant analysis and ODS columns?

Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua is a column developed as a HPLC column suitable for the analysis of anionic surfactants (alkylbenzenesulfonates, ABSs hereinafter) in an aqueous solution.

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

[Chromatography Q & A] Methods to Remove Proteins in Biological Samples

When HPLC analyzing low-molecular substances in biological samples containing a large amount of proteins such as serum, deproteinization is necessary. As shown in Table 1, methods utilizing various pr...

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

[Technical Report] Simultaneous Analysis of Veterinary Drugs Using STQ Method

This article was written by Ms. Mikie Shima, AiSTI SCIENCE Co., Ltd., Technical & Marketing Group, for Vol. 13 (August 2020), of ChemGrowing.
The content of this article is from the time of publication. It is not the latest information due to new knowledge and changes in regulatory rules after original publication.

As interest in food security and safety is increasing, the analysis of veterinary drugs remaining in food is important. However, there are various kinds of veterinary drugs with different physical pro...

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

[Chromatography Q & A]: Differences among solvents for QTofMS, HPLC, and LC/MS

HPLC has been used in a wide range of fields as an analytical procedure that can be applied to analysis of a wide range of samples. Solvents used in HPLC are selected based on conditions, such as diss...

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