Standard for ICP Analysis

Control of trace elements and metals is critical not only for electronic materials and water but also in the food and pharmaceuticals industry. For trace metals analysis, simultaneous multi element analysis is most widely used, so accuracy of the standard solution used is important. FUJIFILM Wako offers highly pure element standard solutions for ICP analysis. Our products are accredited by the JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) as working standard solutions and are traceable specified NIST SRMs.

Product line up

Li Be B C N O F Ne
Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar
K Ca Sc Ti V CrCr(III) Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe
Cs Ba Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn
Fr Ra
La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
Ac Th Pa U

(As of March 2021)
*Items will be added sequentially.


  • Information of impurities element are described in the product instructions
  • Highest purity starting materials are used
  • Traceable to JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) practice standard solution or NIST SRM

FUJIFILM Wako has been qualified as a manufacturer and provider (licensed trader) of calibration standards for pH, metals, and ion solutions by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and offers standard solutions traceable according to the National Metrology Standard. Our products are provided with calibration certificates marked with JCSS to certify NIST traceability.

Composition information

Product Code Product Name Composition Concentration
195-18591 Silver Standard Solution Ag AgNO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
016-27701 Aluminium Standard Solution Al Al(NO3)3・9H2O 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
013-27571 Arsenic Standard Solution As As2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
074-06661 Gold Standard Solution Au HAuCl4・4H2O in 5w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
024-19231 Boron Standard Solution B H3BO3 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
027-19221 Barium Standard Solution Ba BaCO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
021-19241 Beryllium Standard Solution Be Be4(CH3COO)6O in 5w/w%HNO3 100 NIST SRM
028-19251 Bismuth Standard Solution Bi Bi(NO3)3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
035-25431 Calcium Standard Solution Ca CaCO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
032-25321 Cadmium Standard Solution Cd Cd in 0.5w/w% HNO3 1,000 JCSS
032-25701 Cerium Standard Solution Ce CeO2 in 5w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
039-25331 Cobalt Standard Solution Co Co in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
039-25451 Chromium Standard Solution Cr CrO3 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
039-25831 Chromium(Ⅲ) Standard Solution Cr(Ⅲ) Cr(NO3)3・9H2O in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
035-25311 Cesium Standard Solution Cs CsNO3 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
036-25341 Copper Standard Solution Cu Cu in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
044-34591 Dysprosium Standard Solution Dy Dy2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
053-09331 Erbium Standard Solution Er Er2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
056-09321 Europium Standard Solution Eu Eu2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
096-07321 Iron Standard Solution Fe Fe in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
071-06671 Gallium Standard Solution Ga Ga in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
070-06761 Gadolinium Standard Solution Gd Gd2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
078-06681 Germanium Standard Solution Ge GeO2 in 5w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
083-10601 Hafnium Standard Solution Hf HfCl4 in 5w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
139-18831 Mercury Standard Solution Hg Hg in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
085-10541 Holmium Standard Solution Ho Ho2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
099-07311 Indium Stanadard Solution In In in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
093-07331 Iridium Standard Solution (Ir 1000) Ir H2IrCl6・nH2O in 5%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
162-28351 Potassium Standard Solution K KNO3 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
123-06841 Lanthanum Standard Solution La La in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
127-06741 Lithium Standard Solution Li LiNO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
127-06861 Lutetium Standard Solution Lu Lu2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
136-18841 Magnesium Standard Solution Mg MgO in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
130-18861 Manganese Standard Solution Mn Mn in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
135-18931 Molybdenum Standard Solution Mo (NH4)6Mo7O24・4H2O 1,000 JCSS
198-18581 Sodium Standard Solution Na NaNO3 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
147-09881 Niobium Standard Solution Nb Nb in 2w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
143-09861 Neodymium Standard Solution Nd Nd2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
141-09781 Nickel Standard Solution Ni NiO in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
168-28331 Phosphorus Standard Solution P H3PO4 in H2O 1,000 NIST SRM
124-06751 Lead Standard Solution Pb Pb(NO3)2 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
160-28411 Palladium Standard Solution Pd Pd in 5w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
167-28781 Praseodymium Standard Solution Pr Pr6O11 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
165-28341 Platinum Standard Solution Pt H2Cl6Pt・6H2O in 5w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
188-03391 Rubidium Standard Solution Rb RbNO3 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
189-03441 Rhenium Standard Solution Re Re in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
180-03471 Rhodium Standard Solution Rh RhCl3・3H2O in 5w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
182-03431 Ruthenium Standard Solution Ru RuCl3・xH2O in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 -
198-18601 Sulfur Standard Solution S H2SO4 in H2O 1,000 JCSS
010-27581 Antimony Standard Solution Sb Sb2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 JCSS
196-18901 Scandium Standard Solution Sc Sc2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
196-18641 Selenium Standard Solution Se SeO2 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
197-18671 Silicon Standard Solution Si SiO2 in 0.2w/w%HF 1,000 NIST SRM
197-18791 Samarium Standard Solution Sm Sm2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
209-20731 Tin Standard Solution Sn SnCl4 in 5w/w%HCl 1,000 JCSS
199-18631 Strontium Standard Solution Sr SrCO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
201-21151 Tantalum Standard Solution (Ta 1000) Ta Ta in 2%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
209-21071 Terbium Standard Solution Tb Tb4O7 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
207-20771 Tellurium Standard Solution Te H6TeO6 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
200-21001 Titanium Standard Solution Ti Ti in 16w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM
206-20741 Thallium Standard Solution Tl TlNO3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 JCSS
203-21091 Thulium Standard Solution Tm Tm2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
223-02411 Vanadium Standard Solution V NH4VO3 in 5w/wHNO3 etc. 1,000 JCSS
207-21011 Tungsten Standard Solution W W in 5w/w%HNO3 etc. 1,000 NIST SRM
255-00671 Yttrium Standard Solution Y Y2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
252-00681 Ytterbium Standard Solution Yb Yb2O3 in 5w/w%HNO3 1,000 NIST SRM
260-02241 Zinc Standard Solution Zn ZnO in 5w/w% HNO3 1,000 JCSS
265-02291 Zirconium Standard Solution Zr ZrCl4 in 7w/w%HCl 1,000 NIST SRM

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Author: C. T. Nguyen

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

If the revision of product standards and packaging standards has been made, there is a case where the actual product specifications and images are different.


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