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Ninhydrin Coloring Solution Kit for HITACHI

for HITACHI High Performance Amino Acids Analyzer
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep below 25 degrees C.
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Ninhydrin Color Development Method

Ninhydrin reaction is a method to detect and quantify amino acids via ninhydrin coloration.


Amino acids reacted with ninhydrin reaction reagent are detected using two wavelengths, i.e., 570 nm and 440 nm.
The primary amine amino acid (α-amino acid) is colored purple at 570 nm, while the secondary amine (imino acid) amino acid is colored yellow at 440 nm.


Methods for amino acid analysis include precolumn derivatization and postcolumn derivatization employed by ninhydrin. Postcolumn derivatization is a method in which a sample is reacted with the derivatization reagent after column separation and transferred to the detector.

Flow diagram of ninhydrin method1)
Measurement Principle
  1. The sample is pressured into an alkaline-cation exchange resin. When the eluent pH is increased in a stepwise manner, a higher amount of acidic amino acid is eluted early.
  2. When this eluate is heated after the addition of Ninhydrin Coloring Solution, a colored substance showing the local maximum absorption is produced at 570 nm for α-amino acid and 440 nm for imino acid.
  3. The peak area of this colored substance is compared with that of the standard solution to determine the concentration of each amino acid in the sample.
  1. Ito, M. et al. : Wako Jun-yaku Jiho, 86 (3), 15 (2018).

Hitachi High-speed Amino Acid Analyzer: LA8080 AminoSAAYA


  • Focuses on operability and safety
    In addition to the conventional front access design, the reagent-installing unit set at a height for easier operations facilitates routine reagent replacement, sample setting, and maintenance, thereby minimizing manipulations and operations that require a half-sitting posture (the front door can also be removed).
  • The long-term reliability and stability of the analyzer have been proved
    One can utilize the analysis conditions, column (filler), and reagents that have been established so far.
    In addition, unstable ninhydrin reaction reagents usually need to be refrigerated, but for Hitachi amino acid analyzers, refrigeration is not required, since two solutions are mixed immediately before the derivatization reaction.
  • The analyzer is compatible with diverse applications
    Up to six types of buffer solutions and time program for column thermostat can be used.
    Moreover, unique features of the reactor, such as high-temperature proof, enable the development of desired methods.

Product Page: HITACHI High-speed Amino Acid Analyzer LA8080 AminoSAAYA

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