L-Glutamine assay kit​

This is a measurement kit for L-glutamine in samples. Even if L-glutamic acid and L-glutamine coexist in a sample, L-glutamine alone can be specifically quantified.​
All required reagents are included, and R1 and R2 enzyme reagents are ready for use. This product, which makes glutamine measurement easy, is useful for the control of L-glutamine concentration in culture media in the production process of antibodies or recombinant proteins using cultured cells, quantitative analysis of L-glutamine in various foods, etc. It can also be applied to the quantitation of L-glutamine in various samples in amino acid metabolism research in biochemistry and medicine.


  • Glutamine alone can be specifically quantified even in the presence of L-glutamic acid.​
  • Ready to use
  • Allows for the quantitation of L-glutamine in culture media or biochemical fields such as amino acid metabolism.

Kit component​

R1 Enzyme 30 mL 1 vial​
R2 Enzyme 30 mL 1 vial​
Glutamine standard solution (250mg/L) Lyophilized product 1 vial​

A total of 66 samples can be measured using the procedure outlined in the product leaflet (including concurrently measured standard solutions, blanks, and controls).



Amount of sample and reagent in each test tube



  • Effect of coexisting L-Glutamic Acid in the sample
    The presence of L-Glutamic Acid at 3,000 mg/L does not affect the measurement of a sample containing L-Glutamine at approximately 250 mg/L.
  • Example of standard curve for L-glutamine​
    L-Glutamine can be measured in the range of 10 to 1,500 mg/L.

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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