Lewy body specific staining

Anti Phosphorylated α-Synuclein, Monoclonal Antibody (pSyn#64)

α-Synuclein in Lewy bodies (LBs), which are pathognomonic for Parkinson's disease (PD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), is phosphorylated at Ser 129.
We launched an antibody which specifically reacts with α-synuclein phosphorylated at Ser 129 and does not react with non-phosphrylated α-synuclein.
This antibody is applicable to immunohistochemical and biological studies related to Parkinson's disease and LB pathology.


Formulation Filtrated serum-free medium containing 0.05 % Sodium Azide
Clone No. pSyn#64
Isotype IgG
Antigen Peptide (residues 124-134) including phosphorylated Ser129 of human α-Synuclein
Storage Keep at -20°C
Working Dilution Immunohistochemistry 1 : 1,000 - 1 : 10,000)
Western blot 1 : 1,000 - 1 : 10,000



Immunohistologic staining of brain section with Dementia with Lewy bodies.
Lesions of Lewy bodies are specifically stained.


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