Rich flavor "Kokumi" substance - Tripeptide

Glutamyl-Valyl-Glycine Standards

Glutamyl-Valyl-Glycine is a rich flavor "Kokumi" substance present in the natural world.
This is a tripeptide with a γ-glutamyl structure, consists of three amino acids: glutamine, valine, and glycine.
It was approved as a food additive to enhance the richness in August, 2014.
In addition, in the United States, FEMA-GRAS certification was acquired in February, 2010.

Product Outline

  • Rich flavor "Kokumi" substance. Has the function to enhance the richness
  • Assay (calculated on the dried basis): 99.0% min.
  • Appearance: White ~ pale red, powder
  • CAS RN: 38837-70-6
  • C12H21N3O6 = 303.31


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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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