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VA-044, Azo Initiator

Wako 1st Grade
Specification Assay :
97.0+% (Gas Analysis)
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation
Storage Condition :
Protect from light
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CLALITY is the technique develped in the Deisseroth lab at Stanford University.
Chung, K. et al., Nature, 497, 332-337 (2013).
This protocol transforms intact tissues including whole organs into an optically transparent hydrogel-hybridized form, ready for molecular phenotyping and high resolution 3D imaging.

US00000003_img02.png*Data was provided by FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation.


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Video from Nature Journal

Watch this video to know more about CLARITY | Nature Video-YouTube

Overview / Applications

Outline VA-044 is a non-nitrile, cationic water-soluble azo polymerization initiator.
It is highly effective for the polymerization of water-soluble vinyl monomer.
The 10-hour half-lifetemperature is as low as 44 ºC, and the product is active at low temperatures.


Appearance white - light yellow
crystals or crystalline powder
Specificity 10-hour half life temperature: 44 ºC (Water)
Solubility water: free soluble.
methanol: sparingly soluble.
Ethanol: very slightly soluble.
acetone, toluene: insoluble.
Melting Point 188-193 °C

Manufacturer Information


  • 2,2'-Azobis[2-(2-imidazolin-2-yl)propane] Dihydrochloride

Author : [WKUS] Naomi Tsurutani

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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