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Cell Science Inc.
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Keep at 2-10 degrees C.
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Kit component

1 Kit

Plate Wash Buffer x20 conc, W-1 50 mL
STD/Sample Diluent, D-1 50 mL
Anti-CTX1B-ALP Diluent, D-2 50 mL
ALP Substrate Solution (pNPP), R-1 50 mL
ELISA Assay Plate CTX1B 2 sheets
Anti-CTX1B-ALP 250 μL
CTX-1B STD 5ng/mL *1 100 μL
Adhesive plastic sheet 6 sheets



Ciguatera food poison(CFP) is caused by ciguatoxin (CTX) and the related compounds produced by toxic dinoflagellate. It is reported that algae-feeding fish eat the poison along with seaweed and accumulate it in the body, then the poison transfers to carnivorous fish that eat them. It is considered that fish such as Lutjanus bohar, Variola louti, and Oplegnathus punctatus have that poison.
In areas surrounded by subtropical and tropical coral reefs, more than 50,000 people in a year suffer from CFP. CFP had been reported from Great Navigation Age of the 16th from the 17th century, but it had been unknown the the cause until late years. Many researchers conducted various studies of ciguatoxin and found over 20 analogue toxins around the world.
CTX-ELISA 1B is the world’s first product by sandwich ELISA measurements that can detect CTX1B with high sensitivity using two types of antibodies specific to CTX1B (and 54-deoxy CTX1B). This CTX-ELISA 1B kit was developed 1) by Prof. Dr. Tsumuraya et al of Osaka Prefecture University and commercialized at Cell Science Inc.


  • Easy: Include all reagents necessary for operation in the kit
  • Rapid: Short analysis time within 2 hours
  • Specific:Specific to CTX1B and 54-deoxyCTX1B, no reactivity to CTX3C series
  • Low cost: No need for expensive HPLC or Mass Spectrometer
  • Highly Sensitivity: Detection range is 5~200 pg/mL (5 ppt~) by colorimetry and 0.5~100 pg/mL (0.5ppt~) by fluorometry

Product Information

The standard solution of Ciguatoxin1B “CTX1B STD 5ng/mL” was prepared using synthetic CTX1B 2) chemically synthesized by M. Hirama et al. The concentration of CTX1B in the “CTX1B STD 5ng/mL” standard was calibrated using a standard curve based on ELISA measurements of natural CTX1B 3) performed and quantified by T. Kato and T. Yasumoto.

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    Ciguatoxin 1B


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  • Ciguatoxin ELISA-1B

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