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CD9-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)

for Genetic Research
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep at 2-10 degrees C.
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Kit component

Kit component

Anti-CD9 Antibody-immobilized 96 Well Plate 8 well x 12 strips / 1 plate
Plate Seal 4 sheets
Sample Reaction Buffer 50 mL x 1
Antibody Reaction Buffer 50 mL x 1
Washing Buffer (10x) 100 mL x 1
Control Biotinylated Antibody Anti-CD9 (100x) 120 μL x 1
HRP-conjugated Streptavidin (100x) 240 μL x 1
TMB Solution 12 mL x 1
Stop Solution 12 mL x 1


Comparison of specificity to human extracellular vesicles

Specificity to human extracellular vesicle was compared between PS Capture ELISA Kit and CD9-Capture ELISA Kit.
Various concentrations of exosomes purified from COLO201 cells [code No. 052-09301] were added to two-fold diluted DMEM containing 10% FBS (ultracentrifuged), and applied to each plate of the two ELISA kits. They were detected by Anti-CD9 antibody (Clone No. 1K) that reacts with human and bovine CD9.


Assay sample

2-fold diluted DMEM containing 10 % FBS (ultracentrifuged) added with each concentration of exosomes purified from COLO201 cells.

Plates used

PS Capture Plate: PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP) [code No. 298-80601]
CD9-Capture Plate: CD9-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP) [code No. 296-83701]

Detection antibody

Anti CD9, Monoclonal Antibody(1K) [code No. 014-27763]. Biotin-labeled.

PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP) captured human exosomes and bovine exosomes remaining in ultracentrifuged FBS. Whereas CD9-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP) was able to capture human exosomes specifically and detect them with high sensitivity.

[Reference data] The detection sensitivity of COLO201 cell-derived extracellular vesicles

A standard curve was prepared using Exosome, from COLO201 cells, purified [code No. 052-09301]. The detection limit and the quantification limit of this kit were calculated using the standard curve. Each standard was measured at n = 6 and Blank was measured at n = 12.


Sample Preparation

Sample Dilution

Dilute samples at least twice with Sample Reaction Buffer included in the kit so that the absorbance value at 450 nm (value obtained by subtracting the absorbance at a secondary wavelength of 620 nm) is in the range of 0.2 to 2.5.
It is recommended to dilute at least 2 times for human serum and human EDTA plasma, and at least 5 times for human heparin plasma [See “Typical Data of Kit” 4.].
Consider the optimum dilution rate for the sample before performing this measurement.

Removal of microvesicles and apoptotic vesicles

Even though CD9, CD63, and CD81 have been identified as exosome markers, when performing ELISA strictly targeting exosomes, pretreatment by centrifugation should be performed to remove extracellular vesicles other than exosomes.

Pretreatment by centrifugation

Blood Sample [serum, plasma, etc.](Before diluting with Sample Reaction Buffer)
 ↓ 10,000 x g, 30min., 4℃
Collect the supernatant
Sample dilution step.

Overview / Applications

Kit Components Anti-CD9 Antibody-immobilized 96 Well Plate 1plate, Plate Seal 4sheets, Sample Reaction Buffer 50mL, Antibody Reaction Buffer 50mL, Washing Buffer(10x) 100mL, Control Biotinylated Antibody Anti CD9(100x) 120uL, HRP-conjugated Streptavidin(100x) 240uL, TMB Solution 12uL, Stop Solution 12mL


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