Reductive Catalysts (Nitro Group)

Reduction of the nitro group is one of the convenient methods to obtain synthetically useful amines. There are several methods for the reduction of nitro groups, including metal-catalyzed reduction using tin or zinc, catalytic reduction using Pd/C with hydrogen gas as a reducing agent, and hydrazine reduction, but there are few catalysts that can selectively reduce only nitro groups.
FUJIFILM Wako has a lineup of immobilized catalysts for flow catalysts that are useful for the reduction of nitro groups.
We also have a lineup of catalysts (osmium-active carbon) that selectively convert nitro groups to amines under mild conditions using hydrazine as a safe reducing agent.1

1. Yoshida, Y. : WAKOJUNYAKUJIHOU, 77, 13 (2009).

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