Chemical Reagents for Generating Animal Models of Human Diseases

FUJIFILM Wako offers a broad range of reagents suitable for creating animal models for various types of human pathological conditions.
This ensures that you can find the ideal products for your specific research interests.

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for Schizophrenia Model

for Parkinson Disease Model

for Colorectal Cancer Model

for Breast Cancer Model

for Lung Cancer / Skin Cancer Model

for Cystitis Model

for Diabetes Model

for Allergy Model

for Inflammation Model

for Hepatitis Model

for Tubular Injury Model

Pulmonary Hypertension Model

for Glomerular Disorder Model

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

If the revision of product standards and packaging standards has been made, there is a case where the actual product specifications and images are different.


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