For IP, WB, and IHC of Marmoset-derived PIWIL1 / MARWI

Anti-PIWIL1 / MARWI Antibodies

This monoclonal antibody specifically recognizes PIWIL1 / MARWI. It can be used to immunoprecipitate endogenous PIWIL1 / MARWI protein in marmoset-derived cells / tissues, and PIWIL1 / MARWI-interacting RNA (piRNA) can be isolated from the obtained immunoprecipitate fraction. Also, this antibody can be used for western blotting and immunohistochemical staining. Please select an appropriate clone depending on your intended use.


  • Detecting PIWIL1 / MARWI by Western blotting (Clone No. 1A5)
  • Immunoprecipitating PIWIL1 / MARWI (Clone No. 1A5)
  • Isolating piRNA from immunoprecipitate (Clon No. 1A5)
  • Enable immunohistochemical staining of PIWIL1 / MARWI (Clone No. 2D9)*1

*1 Treatment for antigen activation will be needed.

Application Data

Immunohistochemical Staining


Sample: Mouse testis

Product used for experiment: Anti-PIWIL1 / MARWI monoclonal antibody (2D9) contained in conditioned medium

Dilution Factor: 50-fold (recommended concentration: 2 μg/mL)

MVH: Mouse Vasa Homologue

MIWI: Mouse PIWI Homologue

Data by courtesy of Drs. Shiomi and Murano at Keio University, Faculty of Medicine

Immunoprecipitation / Silver Staining


Sample: Mouse testis

Product used for experiment: Anti-PIWIL1 / MARWI monoclonal antibody (1A5) contained in conditioned medium

Volume of conditioned medium used: 500 μL (recommended antibody amount, 5 μg/assay)

N.I.: Control (with mouse IgG antibody)

MIWI: Mouse PIWI Homologue


  1. "Small RNA profiling and characterization of piRNA clusters in the adult testes of the common marmoset, a model primate", Hirano T, et al.: RNA, 20(8), 1223-1237(2014).
  2. "Gene expression ontogeny of spermatogenesis in the marmoset uncovers primate characteristics during testicular development", Lin ZY, et al.: Dev. Biol., 400(1), 43-58(2015).

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Anti-PIWIL1 / MARWI Antibody

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