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microRNA Cloning Kit Wako

microRNA Cloning Kit Wako adopt our original buffer solution which allows two reactions in the same solution: dephosphorylation by shrimp alkaline phosphatase (SAP), which is easily inactivated with heat treatment; and efficient adaptor ligation of single-strand DNA/RNA with a thermostable ligase (sold separately). This allows simple and efficient adaptor ligation reactions, enabling easy cDNA synthesis from microRNA.


  • Highly-efficient and accurate adaptor ligation by thermostable ligase.
  • Suitable for cloning of microRNA forming secondary structures.
  • Reduced RNA operations means cDNA coding microRNA can be synthesized within 1.5 days.

Target mRNA Cloning Kit Wako

Target mRNA Cloning Kit Wako is used for amplification of cDNA from target mRNA. This kit is used for generating cDNA from mRNA interacting with microRNA in RNA fractions in immunoprecipitated Ago protein. DNA sequences obtained from cDNA synthesized from this mRNA and then cloned can be used for screening target mRNA candidates of microRNA. Using this kit in combination with Ago immunoprecipitation enables screening of target mRNA of microRNA not with previous database-based prediction, but with molecular biology-based methods.


  • Simple protocol
  • Suitable for small amount mRNA amplification
  • Amplification is possible without being influenced by mRNA chain length
  • Target mRNA search is available with Ago immunoprecipitation



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