Applications of JCRB cell lines in screening various disease types using Fujifilm Wako Antibodies


As cancer treatments shift from chemotherapy to personalized therapy using molecular targeted cancer drugs, the scope of molecular biological research on cancer is expanding. Use of antibodies in molecular biological methods have greatly enhanced our understanding of physiological phenomena occurring in cancer cells.
Fujifilm Wako provides various kind of JCRB cell line products for cancer research.


JCRB Cell Lines


JCRB (Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources) is one of the most comprehensive cell banks in the world for pure and applied science, spanning many fields of research across the globe.
Fujifilm wako has teamed up with the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation to bring you access to over 1,600 cell lines, including lung and glioma cell lines. In Europe, we are the exclusive distributor of JCRB's comprehensive catalog of cell lines

Human Lung Cancer Cell Lines

JCRB No. Cell-line name Profile
JCRB0815 ABC-1 Adenocarcinoma
JCRB0820 EBC-1 Squamous cell carcinoma
IFO50358 KNS-62 Bronchial squamous carcinoma, metastasis to brain
JCRB0079 LU65 Human cell line with giant cell carcinoma of lung
JCRB1019 RERF-LC-Sq1 Cell line established from human lung carcinoma tissue

Human Glioma Cancer Cell Lines

JCRB No. Cell-line name Profile
IFO50356 KNS-42 Glioma, GFAP-positive, S-100 and NSE-negative
IFO50436 KS-1 Glioblastoma
JCRB1566 NP 2 Human cell line derived from human glioma
JCRB1578 Onda 8 Human cell line derived from human glioma
JCRB0746 YKG-1 Glioblastoma


Applications of JCRB cell lines

1. Toxicology and drug screening

JCRB0134 (MCF-7) cell lines are used as valuable models for toxicology and drug discovery. They retain their genome over time and can be used to perform drug screening and facilitate patient specific drug development.

2. Benefit of variety of ethnic background in patient targeted cancer therapies

JCRB offers a highly representative panel of cell lines in terms of ethnic and gender diversity, which could improve the success rate in identifying effective cancer therapeutics in cell culture models and thereby reduce drug failures in diverse human populations.


JCRB cell lines related antibodies

Fujifilm Wako offers high-performance antibodies against various molecules that can be used in combination with JCRB cell lines in contributing to the development in cancer research.

Lung cancer related antibodies


Anti CPM, monoclonal antibody (WK)

Carboxypeptidase M (CPM) is an enzyme expressed on the cell membrane surface. It cleaves arginine and lysine at the C-terminus of peptides and proteins. Recent studies have reported that CPM can be used as a marker of alveolar epithelial progenitor cells, ventral anterior foregut endoderm and liver precursor cells.1

Figure 1 represents isolation of respiratory epithelial stem cells using anti CPM monoclonal antibody (WK). (Data provided by Shimpei Goto, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)


Anti CTGF antibody

Figure 2 represents various modules of the full-length CTGF

Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) is a secreted protein of approximately 38 kDa produced by umbilical vein and vascular endothelial cells. It is involved in cell adhesion and the proliferation/differentiation of chondrocytes. Some reports showed that CTGF is involved in various diseases such as cancer, renal failure, liver failure and rheumatism.2 CTGF contains four domains, modules 1-4. The N-terminal region (modules 1 and 2) is known as a candidate biomarker of lung fibrosis.3 Fujifilm Wako has developed ELISA kits for the measurement of the fulllength CTGF and full-length + N-terminal region of CTGF, respectively.
Figure 3 represents the result of Cross-reactivity between the full-length CTGF and N- and C-terminal fragments. CTGF (Full) ELISA Kit Wako specifically detected the fulllength and CTGF (Full + N-terminal region) ELISA Kit Wako specifically detected the full-length and N-terminus.

Lung cancer related antibodies products list

Product Code Product Name Size
014-27501 Anti CPM, Monoclonal Antibody (WK) 100 μL
290-84701 CTGF (Full) ELISA Kit Wako 96 tests
292-84901 CTGF (Full+N-terminal region) ELISA Kit Wako 96 tests
018-27423 Anti CTGF Module 1, Monoclonal Antibody (30D2) 50 μL
016-27424 Anti CTGF Module 1, Monoclonal Antibody (30D2) 1 mL
015-27433 Anti CTGF Module 2, Monoclonal Antibody (2-3) 50 μL
012-27443 Anti CTGF Module 3, Monoclonal Antibody (3-54) 50 μL
019-27453 Anti CTGF Module 4, Monoclonal Antibody (4-69) 50 μL

Glioma related antibodies products list

Glioma is a tumor formed by neuroglial cells, which support neurons. In the revised WHO 2016, molecularly informed classification criteria were included in addition to the traditional morphological diagnosis . Researchers have called attention to IDH (Isocitrate Dehydrogenase) 1/2 genes, ATRX gene, mutation in TERT promoter, and 1p/19q co-deletion as factors for molecular diagnosis of glioma.4 We provide a wide range of monoclonal antibodies appropriate for immunohistochemical staining/western blotting to recognize wild-type/mutant IDH1, IDH2, ATRX, and TERT.

Product Code Product Name Size
017-26751 Anti ATRX, Monoclonal Antibody (AMab-6) 100 µg
010-26861 Anti TERT, Monoclonal Antibody (TMab-6) 100 µg
018-24081 Anti IDH1-R132H, Monoclonal Antibody (HMab-1) 100 µg
013-26851 Anti IDH1-R132H, Monoclonal Antibody (HMab-2) 100 µg
015-24091 Anti IDH1-R132S, Monoclonal Antibody (SMab-1) 100 µg
014-24061 Anti IDH1, Monoclonal Antibody (RMab-3) 100 µg
011-24071 Anti IDH2, Monoclonal Antibody (RMab-22) 100 µg
015-25691 Anti Mutated IDH1/2, Monoclonal Antibody (MsMab-1) 100 µg



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