Pseudouridine is an isomer of the nucleoside uridine. In its structure, the N-C bond in the N-glycosidic linkage between the ribose ring and uracil is replaced by a C-C bond. It is one of the essential components of mRNA vaccines/drugs, which are attracting attention as a new drug modality.
Chemically synthesized pseudouridine and 1-methylpseudouridine are available as research reagents from Fujifilm Wako.

The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which caused global disruption, has revealed the enormous potential of mRNA vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccines are mRNA vaccines in which uridine in the mRNA is replaced with pseudouridine. The problem with natural uridine-type mRNA is that the uridine portion of the mRNA tends to activate innate immunity and is degraded in the body. Therefore, uridine in the mRNA vaccines is replaced with pseudouridine to avoid innate immunity and improve the efficiency of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is improved even further by replacing uridine with 1-methylpseudouridine instead of pseudouridine. By taking advantage of these features, mRNAs are expected to become useful not only as vaccines but also as therapeutic agents.


  • Chemically synthesized
  • Purity (HPLC): >98% guaranteed

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for Nucleic Acid Synthesis

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