A marker for airway and alveolar progenitor cells

Anti CPM, Monoclonal Antibody (WK), Red Fluorochrome(635)-conjugated

Carboxypeptidase M(CPM) is an enzyme present on the surface of the cell membrane that catalyzes cleavage of C-terminal arginine and lysine residues from polypeptides and proteins.
Recent studies have reported that CPM can be used as a marker for airway, alveolar and hepatic progenitor cells. This product is Anti CPM, Monoclonal Antibody conjugated with Red Fluorochrome (635).

Product outline

Formulation Phosphate buffer containing 0.05w/v% sodium azide
Concentration 0.54 mg/mL (initial measured value)
Subclass Mouse IgG2b
Applications (flow cytometry) 1:10

Example of Use

Human iPS cells were differentiated into lung progenitor cells. The differentiated cells were dissociated, stained with this newly developed product, and sorted with flow cytometry. After sorting, immunostaining was performed on each cell population.

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    < Data provided by Shimpei Goto, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University >
Cell populations that highly expressed CPM also highly expressed NKX2-1, which is a marker for respiratory cells.


Q. Is there an “isotype control” for flow cytometry that supports this product?

A. The isotype of this antibody is mouse IgG2b. Wako have a track record with the following controls.

Manufacturer Product Name Product code Pkg. Size Storage Condition
R&D Systems, Inc. Mouse IgG2B Alexa Fluor 647 Isotype Control (Clone 133303) IC0041R 200 test Keep at 2-10℃

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Antibody without Fluorochrome

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