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Peptide Institute, Inc. has provided high quality peptide products for many years, making full use of peptide synthesis, purification, and analysis technology inherited from the former Protein Research Foundation. As a result, it is now established as a world-class peptide manufacturer and distributor used not only by research institutions but also by many peptide suppliers in Japan and overseas.

Peptide Institute, Inc. has lined up tools for analyzing various plant peptide hormones/biosynthetic pathways.

CLE25 Peptide/TDIF [CLE41/44 Peptide]

CLE peptides are CLE protein-derived peptide hormones that are highly conserved in plants, with increasing evidence of their involvement in the control of plant cell proliferation and differentiation and the response to drying stress as intercellular messengers.

Peptide Institute, Inc. provides CLE25 Peptide and TDIF [CLE41/44 Peptide]. High-purity (≥98% [HPLC]) peptides are available in small quantities.

Tools for analyzing plant peptide hormones/biosynthetic pathways


Peptide Institute, Inc. also provides its peptide products in bulk volume, synthesizes sugars and peptides, derivatizes compounds and synthesizes the derivatives on a contract basis. Please feel free to contact us.

Custom Synthetic Peptides by Peptide Institute, Inc.

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CLE Peptides

Tools for analyzing plant peptide hormones/biosynthetic pathways

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Plant Hormones/Plant Growth Regulators

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