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With the most advanced synthetic and analytical technologies, Peptide Institute is a global leader in peptide manufacturing, supplying reliable products to scientists across the world.
In addition, Peptide Institute is recognized as an OEM supplier for many peptide vendors.

Services & Specialty

Catalog Products Almost 1000 Products Since 1963

 Biologically Active Peptides
 Enzyme Inhibitors & Substrates
 Peptide Tools

Custom Peptide Synthesis Over 500 Different Peptides/yr

 Long Peptides and Proteins
 Modified Peptides
 Disulfide (SS-bond), Cyclic and Branched Peptides
 Enzyme Inhibitors & Substrates
 Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptides
 Peptide Analogs for Drug Discovery

Carbohydrate Synthesis

 Mono and Oligosaccharides
 Labeled Carbohydrates Nucleotide Sugars

Synthetic Examples

AA Length Modification
Green Fluorescent Protein 238 2 SH
Pleiotrophin (Human) 136 5 SS
Midkine (Human) 121 5 SS
PTH (Human, 1-84) 84
[Ser(PO3H2)65]-Ubiquitin 76 Phosphorylation
FRETS-VWF73 73 Nma/Dnp Label
4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human) 51 3 SS/2H Label
Gla17,21,24-Osteocalcin 49 γ-Carboxyglutamate (Gla)
Amyloid β- Protein 40/42/43 Membrane Peptides
CCK-33 (Human, Porcine) 33 Sulfation
Ghrelin (Human, Rat) 28 Octanoyl-Ser

GMP Peptide

 99% Successful Results in Custom Synthesis!

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