Digitonin is a kind of spirostan saponin obtained from the seeds and the leaves of Digitalis purpurea.D.lanata. It is mild nonionic detergent and used to solubilize membrane proteins. It also can be used to solubilize the neurotransmitter receptors such as dopamine receptor, beta adrenergic receptor, GABA receptor.
Although Digitonin is usually insoluble in water, we provide water-soluble Digitonin for Biochemistry (>4% solubility), which was made possible by our original purification method.

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  • CAS RN®: 11024-24-1
    Molecular Formula: C56H92O29
    Molecular Weight: 1229.31


Digitonin for Biochemistry Digitonin Wako Special Grade
Appearance : White ~ nearly white, powder Appearance : White ~ nearly white,
crystals ~ powder or mass
Solubility in water (4%) : to pass test Solubility in ethanol : to pass test
Loss on drying at 105℃ : max. 6.0% Loss on drying at 105℃ : max. 6.0%
Specific rotation [α]D20
(c=5, CH3COOH) (after drying)
: -45 ~ -50° Specific rotation [α]D20
(c=5, CH3COOH) (after drying)
: -45 ~ -50°
Residue after iginition (as sulfate) : max. 0.2% Residue after iginition (as sulfate) : max. 0.2%
Sensitivity : to pass test Sensitivity : to pass test

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Digitonin (Solubility in water [4%]: to pass test)


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