Running Buffers

FUJIFILM Wako has a line up of running buffers for protein electrophoresis.

Product Overview

Running Buffer Solution (×10)

This product is a 10 x running buffer for standard SDS-PAGE by the Laemmli method. Dilute the product 10 times before use.

10×Tris-Glycine Buffer

This product is a sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-free tris-glycine buffer. Use it as a running buffer when SDS cannot be used, for instance, in native PAGE. When using this product as a transcription buffer, dilute it with an equal volume of methanol and water to prepare a solution containing 25 mM tris, 192 mM glycine, and 10% to 20% methanol.

Tricine Running Buffer Solution (×10)

This product is a running buffer for Tricine gel. This product improves the ability of SDS-PAGE to separate low-protein regions. Use this product as a running buffer for SuperSep™ Ace 15-20% (Tricine Gel).


Running Buffer Solution (×10)

0.25 mol/L Tris, 1.92 mol/L Glycine, 1 w/v% SDS

10×Tris-Glycine Buffer

0.25 mol/L Tris, 1.92 mol/L Glycine

Tricine Running Buffer Solution (×10)

0.5 mol/L Tris , 0.5 mol/L Tricine, 1 % SDS

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