Stripping Solution

This product is a reagent for removing the antibody from the membrane after luminescence detection during Western blotting, in 10 minutes. As the membrane can be used again for an antibody reaction after removal, a single membrane can be used for more than one antibody reaction.

  • This product cannot be used for membranes after detection by chromogenic reagents such as TMB.


  • It removes the antibody in 10 minutes.
  • It is stored at room temperature.
  • It contains no toxic substances.


After detection, wash the membrane with TBS-T or PBS-T and shake the membrane in Stripping Solution (room temperature, 10 minutes).

Example of use

  1. Detect the antibody with a chemical reagent (Fig. A).
  2. Remove the antibody with Stripping Solution and detect the protein with a chemiluminescence reagent (Fig. B).
  3. Again react the antibody with the protein, and detect the protein with a chemiluminescence reagent (Fig. C).

Antigen: Carboxy-terminal DYKDDDDK-BAP, recombinant, Solution (Product Number: 036-22781)
Antibody: Anti DYKDDDDK tag, Monoclonal Antibody, Peroxidase Conjugated (Product Number: 015-22391), 4000-fold dilution
Blocking solution: 5% skimmed milk
Gel: SuperSepTM Ace, 10-20%, 13-well (Product Number: 191-15031)
Exposure time: 30 seconds

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