deColorizing Solution

Is there any potential for staining a valuable pathological sample again? This reagent can meet such needs.

This reagent is a new tissue decolorizing reagent developed by Dr. Aisa Ozawa and Dr. Motoharu Sakaue from Azabu University. This reagent allows decolorization of H&E stains, which is widely used in pathology, as well as special stains (Masson's trichrome). With this reagent, multiple staining data can be obtained from a single tissue sample.


  • Allows decolorization for H&E and MT staining
  • Simple procedure, only requiring immersion in this reagent
  • Allows re-staining, such as antibody staining and H&E staining, after decolorization


Decolorization using mouse brain (hippocampus)

Data by courtesy of Dr. Aisa Ozawa and Dr. Motoharu Sakaue, Azabu University

  • H&E Staining

  • Decolorization

  • Decolorization followed by antibody staining(Iba1DAPI)

  • Control (no decolorization)

H&E stain (H&E → decolorization → H&E)

Mouse lung

Mouse liver

H&E stain (H&E → decolorization → antibody staining [PCNA])

Mouse liver

MT stain (MT → decolorization → H&E)

Mouse liver

Mouse kidney

Decolorization protocol

  1. Dilute each reagent 10-fold with distilled water. (Prepare the volume to just cover a slide staining tray.)
    deColorizing Solution 1 diluent → Solution 1
    deColorizing Solution 2 diluent → Solution 2
  2. Remove the cover glass from the sample to be decolorized, and hydrate.
  3. In the case of H&E stain decolorization, confirm that colorization with water-soluble dyes has disappeared, and immerse in Solution 1 at room temperature for one hour to overnight.
  4. In the case of MT stain decolorization, perform the procedure in 3 and immerse in Solution 2 at room temperature for one hour to overnight.
  5. After confirming the decolorization of HE and MT staining, immerse in distilled water and wash 3 times x 5 minutes each.
  6. Follow each institutional protocols for re-staining.

*The stainability of eosin or other dyes after decolorization may decrease if decolorization time is prolonged. In that case, time should be adjusted.

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