Blood Stain Detection Reagents

Leucomalachite Green Reaction Reagent / Luminol Reaction Reagent Set

In forensic field, leucomalachite green reaction and luminol reaction are among the blood discrimination methods classified as preliminary blood stain test methods. These reactions are mainly used in the field of criminal forensics, but are also used in food sanitation management to determine the origin of contamination on products or in medical practice to check blood contamination risks.

It is usually difficult to prepare the reagents required for these reactions in advance due to their instability in solution. In addition, it is necessary to weigh each of the reagents required to prepare reaction solutions and some require handling in a fume hood. For these reasons, the preparation of reaction solutions is cumbersome.

Each of FUJIFILM Wako's products is formulated to reduce the labor required for reagent preparation, facilitating application of these reactions.

Comparison of leucomalachite green and luminol reactions

Leucomalachite green Luminol
Detection Colorimetric Luminescence
Target Visible contamination Invisible matter. It is often used to inspect a wide area.
Zoonotic determination Impossible Impossible
Specificity It does not easily detect plant-derived peroxidases and is highly specific. It may also react with peroxidase-containing substances other than blood, such as plant-derived peroxidases. Low specificity.
Sensitivity It is less sensitive than luminol but can detect 100-fold diluted blood.
*100-fold diluted blood: Solution is colored. It is barely visible when applied or dried.
However, it depends on the type of material of the item under examination.
High. In general, it can even detect blood that is diluted tens of thousands of times.
Duration Long. More than several minutes. Short. Several seconds to several minutes.

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Blood Stain Detection Reagents

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