Antibodies for detection of markers for lymphatic endothelium and tumor cells

Anti Podoplanin Antibodies

Podoplanin (PDPN), a single-transmembrane glycoprotein, is utilized as markers for lymphatic endothelium and alveolar epithelium. In addition, it is known to be :1) excessively expressed in brain tumor, malignant mesothelioma, testicular cancer, ovary cancer, and various squamous-cell carcinomas; and 2) involved in infiltration and metastasis of tumor cells. Furthermore, the degree of podoplanin expression is known to show certain correlation with cancer prognosis and infiltration. Podoplanin is used as a tumor cell marker, and expression of podoplanin is attracting research attention as a target for efforts to elucidate tumor cell function.

Podoplanin has PLAG domains (PLAG1-3) in its extracellular domain (at the N terminus). A mechanism of platelet aggregation involving the binding of podoplanin to CLEC-2 (a receptor localized on platelets) via PLAG3 has been identified. PLAG4 domain has recently been reported, and involvement of both PLAG3 and PLAG4 domains in binding to CLEC-2 is suggested.

We offer a product portfolio of anti human podoplanin antibodies against multiple epitopes. Please utilize these different antibodies separately or in combination depending on the application.

We also offer a product portfolio of monoclonal antibodies with high species-specificity to dogs, mice, rabbits, and rats.

Anti Podoplanin, Monoclonal Antibodies Recognition epitope

We offer a product portfolio of anti podoplanin antibodies reacting with various epitopes within the extracellular domain of podoplanin (e.g., antibodies inhibiting interaction with CLEC-2, antibodies recognizing individual PLAG domains). Please utilize these different antibodies separately or in combination, depending on the application.


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Anti Podoplanin, Monoclonal Antibodies

Non-human Animal Species Anti-Podoplanin, Monoclonal Antibody

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