Phos-tag Agarose Resins in Tip

Phos-tag Tip is a ready-to-use pipette-tip column prepacked with Phos-tag agarose. This column is a powerful tool for pretreating phosphorylated peptides.
The Phos-tag molecules in a pipette tip can specifically capture phosphorylated proteins in your samples. This allows for the easy purification of these proteins using only a pipetting operation.


  • Short hands-on time (less than 30 min)
  • High recovery yields
  • No need for expensive equipment

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Separation of Phosphopeptides from the Tryptic Digest of 6 nM β-Casein


  • Following trypsin digestion of β-casein (6 nM), phosphorylated peptides were purified using a Phos-tag Tip column.
  • Aliquots of the unpurified sample, flow-through fraction, and eluate were analyzed by HPLC.


We detected only phosphopeptide peaks (P1 and P2) in the eluate. This indicates that Phos-tag Tips can selectively trap and enrich phosphopeptides from the tryptic digest of β-casein.



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