For high-sensitivity detection of phosphorylated proteins

Phos-tag Mass Analytical Kit


Phos-tag Mass Analytical Kit is used by mixinged with MALDI-TOF/MS samples before use. Phos-tag - phosphorylated molecule complex is detected in a positive mode with high sensitivity, including phosphorylated molecules that are otherwise difficult to detect.


Detection of Phos-tag - Phosphorylated LPA Complex

LPA2- :1-oleoyl-L-α-lyzophosphatidate (MW: 434.2)

Increased positive charge improved the detection sensitivity for phosphorylated LPA.

Kit Components

Kit Components Molecular Formula MW Package Volume
Phos-tag MS-101L [(C27H29N6O64Zn2]3+ 581.4 5 mg
Phos-tag MS-101H [(C27H29N6O68Zn2]3+ 589.4 5 mg
Phos-tag MS-101N [(C27H29N6OZn2]3+ 584.3 10 mg


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