For the purification of phosphorylated proteins on gel chromatography

Phos-tag Agarose Resins


Phosphorylated proteins can be separated, purified, and concentrated from a mixture using a column filled with Phos-tag Agarose. Because it is free of surfactants and reducing agents, phosphorylated proteins can be collected in a condition similar to their in vivo states.


  • Phosphorylated proteins can be purified within 1 hour.
  • All procedures can be performed under a physiological condition (pH 7.5).
  • There is no need for reducing agents or surfactants.
  • The procedure is similar to conventional affinity chromatography.

Principles of Affinity Chromatography for Phosphate


Application: Purification of Phosphorylated Protein in A431 Lysate


M: Molecular weight marker
Lane 1: Flow-through fraction
Lane 2: Elution fraction
Lane 3: Washing fraction

A column was filled with Phos-tag Agarose, and A431 lysate was applied.
Detection was performed by SYPRO Ruby gel staining (left) and Western blotting using anti-Anti pTyr antibody (right).

Phosphorylated proteins were concentrated in the elution fraction.


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