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Albumin (Mouse,Rat) ELISA Kit

LBIS Mouse/Rat Albumin ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA system for quantitative measurement of mouse/Rat albumin. This is intended for research use only.


  • Measurable in a short period (Total reaction time: 2 hours and 20 minutes)
  • A minute quantity of sample is measurable (5 μL with a standard method of operating)
  • Eco-friendly preservatives are used
  • All reagents are solution types and are ready to use
  • High measurement accuracy and reproducibility


Serum, Plasma or urine

  • Heparin is recommended to be used for collection of plasma.
  • Samples are diluted within the range of measurement with the accompanying buffering solution.
  • Rough indications of dilution are 10,000 to 50,000 times for a serum or plasma sample and 50 to 100 times for a urine sample.

Accuracy test

Precision of assay : Mean CV<10%
Reproducibility : Mean CV<10%


The antibodies used in this kit are specific to albumin. Cross-reactivity of the kit is shown below.

  • Albumin Mouse ELISA Kit

    ※Cross reaction at 10000 ng/mL (Except FCS)

    Sample Cross reaction
    Rat Albumin Less than 5%
    Human Albumin N.D.
    Porcine Albumin N.D.
    Bovine Albumin N.D.
    10 % FCS N.D.
  • Albumin Rat ELISA Kit

    ※Cross reaction at 10000 ng/mL (Except FCS)

    Sample Cross Reaction
    Mouse Albumin Less than 5%
    Human Albumin N.D.
    Porcine Albumin N.D.
    Bovine Albumin N.D.
    10 % FCS N.D.

Standard curve

  • Mouse Albumin assay standard curve


  • Rat Albumin assay standard curve


Kit Components

  • 1) Anti-albumin coated plate(8 x 12) 1 plate
    2) Standard albumin mouse or rat(10 μg/mL) 1 vial
    3) Buffer solution 60 mL
    4) HRP-labeled anti-albumin antibody 100 μL
    5) TMB Solution 12 mL
    6) Stop Solution 12 mL
    7) Wash stock Solution (x 10) 100 mL
    8) Plate Seal 3 seals
  • 00840_img04.png


Albumin Mouse ELISA Kit

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Albumin Rat ELISA Kit

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Turbidimetric Immuno Assay Kit (TIA Kit)


  • Measurement range Mouse/rat 6.17 to 500 μg/mL
  • Samples are urine or serum
  • Special antibodies for each species (monkey/mouse/rat albumin) are used for a specific reaction
  • Measurable in a short period (10 minutes) with a generalpurpose biochemical autoanalyzer
  • Wide measurement range with superior reproducibility
  • It cannot be affected by manipulation because it is measured with an autoanalyzer
  • Parameters for each autoanalyzer made by domestic manufacturers are being prepared (except a part of them)

Accuracy test

Mouse, rat in common

Precision of assay : Mean CV<7.5%
Reproducibility : Mean CV<7.5%

Kit Components

  • 1) Reagent 1 (Buffer) 18.5 mL
    2) Reagent 2 (Anti-mouse or rat albumin solution) 6.6 mL
    3) Standard mouse or rat albumin* 2.0 mL
    4) Diluent solution for standard albumin 4.0 mL
  • 00840_img05.png

*Concentration of standard mouse or rat albumin is indicated on its bottle label.

Assay procedure

For Hitachi 7180 autoanalyzer
*Note that operation of autoanalyzer is different depending on the type of machines



LBIS Mouse Urinary Albumin Assay Kit

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LBIS Rat Urinary Albumin Assay Kit

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Albumin (Mouse,Rat) ELISA Kit

TIA reagent for automatic measuring instrument

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