Fluorescent Synaptic Probes


ViVidFluor Neuro, developed by Fei Mao et al., are called styryl dye or “FM”. It is known to wavelengths shift (30 nm - 40 nm) in polar and non-polar states (in membranes).

ViVid Fluor Neuro Green binds to cell membranes and fluoresces. It is used for observing synapses because it is incorporated into synapses by endocytosis.

Product Number Product Name Ex/Em(nm)
220-02161 ViVidFluor Neuro Green 510/625

ViVid Fluor Neuro Red can be used as an endocytosis tracer.

Product Number Product Name Ex/Em(nm)
222-02121 ViVidFluor Neuro Red 543/-

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