Fluorescent Neuronal Tracers


Anterograde / Retrograde Tracers

DiIC18(3) is a carbocyanine dye that can use neuronal axons as a retrograde tracer. In juvenile animals, it can be used as an anterograde / retrograde tracer.

Product Number Product Name Ex/Em(nm)
045-33421 DiIC18(3) 549/565

Neuron Specific Probes

Lucifer yellow can be used to observe the morphology of neurons. Lucifer Yellow CH Dilithium Salt shows higher solubility than Lucifer Yellow CH Dipotassium salt.

Product Number Product Name Ex/Em(nm)
125-06281 Lucifer Yellow CH Dilithium Salt 428/536
128-06271 Lucifer Yellow CH Dipotassium Salt 428/536

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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