For removing undifferentiated human ES/iPS cells

StemSure® hPSC Remover

rBC2LCN(AiLecS1) is a recombinant lectin of the N-terminal domain of BC2L-C (derived from Burkholderia cenocepacia ) expressed in E.coli.
It is highly specific to sugar chains on the surface of undifferentiated human ES/ iPS cells.

StemSure® hPSC remover is a recombinant protein in which a truncated portion (38 kDa) of Psudomonas aeruginosa endotoxin is fused to C-terminus of rBC2LCN. Once in the cell, it inhibits protein synthesis and induces cell death. It is more potent than rBC2LCN-PE23, which has the same effect. It does not contain any animal-derived materials.


  • Enables selective removal of undifferentiated human ES/ iPS cells
  • Can be added directly to the culture medium without the need for cell dissociation.
  • More potent than rBC2LCN-PE23
    StemSure® hPSC remover: recommended concentration 0.1μg/ml
    rBC2LCN-PE23:recommended concentration 10μg/ml
  • Does not contain animal-derived materials

Product Description

  • Sterilized with 0.1 μm filter
  • 0.1×PBS(-) solution


  1. Prepare a cell culture medium containing residual human ES/iPS cells.
  2. Add StemSure hPSC remover to the medium to make the final concentration of 10μg/mL
    ※ (concentration is indicated in the product label).
  3. Incubate cells under an appropriate condition to remove residual human ES/ iPS cells.
  4. Continue culturing cells in a medium appropriate for differentiated cells.

※The concentration is an example; choose appropriate concentrations for your experiments.

Removal of Human iPS Cells

StemSure® hPSC remover was added to the culture medium for human iPS cell line 201B7 and human fibroblasts to make the final concentration of 0.1μg/ml. Cells were cultured for 48 hours, and for additional 24 hours after replacing the culture medium. As shown below (top right), human iPS cells treated with StemSure® hPSC were almost completely removed. On the other hand, human fibroblasts were not removed after the same treatment (bottom right).



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  • Tateno, H., Minoshima, F. and Saito, S.: Molecules, 22, (2017).

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