β-Cryptoxanthin Standards


β-cryptoxanthin, which is contained in Wenzhou orange, is known as six major botanical carotenoids together with β-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, α-carotene.
β-Cryptoxanthin has been shown to reduce the risk of onset of lifestyle diseases (osteoporosis, diabetes, liver dysfunction, lipid metabolism disorder, arteriosclerosis, etc.) by epidemiological studies. In addition, effects such as carcinogenesis prevention and periodontal disease prevention have been reported. From such preventive effects of β-cryptoxanthin, it is expected to be applied to medicines, quasi-medicine, and functional foods.
For studying the function of β-cryptoxanthin, its standard reagents (for analytical and animal experiments) play an important role whereby the results should be of high quality. In order to obtain β-cryptoxanthin from natural products, column purification using large-scale liquid chromatography was necessary in the past and it was difficult to obtain in large quantities at low cost. This problem was one of the obstacles to β-cryptoxanthin's functional studies. Meanwhile, we attained realized mass production by adopting a newly developed purification method.


This product is based on the research result (FY 2010) and the patent (No. 5471824) belonging to the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Institute of Fruit Tree Science.

Analytical Data



Sample β-Cryptoxanthin
Column YMC Carotenoid 3 µm φ4.6 mm x 150 mm, 30 ℃
Eluent 0.05 % Ammonium Acetate in Methanol/t-Butyl Methyl Ether = 70/30(v/v)
Flow rate 0.7 mL/min
Detector PDA 450 nm
Injection Vol. 10 µL

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Author: T. Murase

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