CUBIC 引用・使用文献リスト

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CUBIC (clear, unobstructed brain / body imaging cocktails and computational analysis) 引用・使用リスト

1) Masson, A. et al. : "High-resolution in-depth imaging of optically cleared thick samples using an adaptive SPIM.", Sci Rep., 5, 16898 (2015). RI mismatchを解消するadaptive SPIMのアプリケーション例としてCUBIC/CLARITY透明化サンプル(sheroid)を使用
2) Melih, A. et al. : "Deep imaging of bone marrow shows non-dividing stem cells are mainly perisinusoidal.", Nature, 526, 126 (2015). 骨の透明化でCUBICをテストしたが、有機溶剤系が良いとの内容
3) Hirashima, T. and Adachi, T. : "Procedures for the Quantification of Whole- Tissue Immunofluorescence Images Obtained at Single-Cell Resolution during Murine Tubular Organ Development.", PLOS ONE, 10(8), e0135343 (2015). 免染や3Dイメージングを複数の透明化手法で比較、CUBICがベストと
4) Qureshi, S. et al. : "Imaging Cleared Embryonic and Postnatal Hearts at Single-cell Resolution." J. Vis. Exp. (116), e54303 (2016). Embryonic and postnatal Heart clearing with Scale and CUBIC
5) Zufiria, B. et al. : "3D imaging of the cleared intact murine colon with light sheet microscopy.", Proc. SPIE, 9713 (2016).; doi:10.1117/12.2212039 LSFM imaging of colon cleared with CUBIC
6) Zhang, H. et al. : "Rapid Acquisition of 3D Images Using High-resolution Episcopic Microscopy.", J. Vis. Exp. (117), e54625 (2016). mouse embryo clearing with CUBIC
7) Lai, San, Wong. et al. : "Vascular endothelial growth factor partially induces pruritus via epidermal hyperinnervation in imiquimod-induced psoriasiform dermatitis in mice.", Journal of Dermatological Science, 83, 148 (2016). whole-mount ear nerve imaging by using the CUBIC method
8) Vinegoni, C. et al. : "Real-time high dynamic range laser scanning microscopy.", Nature Communications, 7, 11077 (2016). high dynamic range fluorescence laser scanning microscopy (HDR-LSM) 開発論文の volumetric imaging 事例として
9) Stefaniuk, M. et al. : "Light-sheet microscopy imaging of a whole cleared rat brain with Thy1-GFP transgene.", Scientific Reports, 6, 28209 (2016). Rat whole brain clearing with ScaleCUBIC, with insufficient clearing results.
10) Rousso, DL. et al. : "Two Pairs of ON and OFF Retinal Ganglion Cells Are Defined by Intersectional Patterns of Transcription Factor Expression.", Cell Reports, 15(9), 1930 (2016). Application in thick mouse brain
11) Qiana, Y. et al. : "Targeting dendritic cells in lymph node with an antigen peptide-based nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy.", Biomaterials, 98, 171 (2016). confocalでマウスのwhole LN 3D imagingにCUBICを使用
12) Peeters, G. et al. : "A multilevel framework to reconstruct anatomical 3D models of the hepatic vasculature in rat livers.", Journal of Anatomy, 230(3), 471 (2016). DOI: 10.1111/joa.12567 Liverの構造解析、CUBICで免染
13) Nehrhoff, I. et al. : "3D imaging in CUBIC-cleared mouse heart tissue: going deeper." Biomed Opt Exp, 7(9), 3716 (2016). Heart clearing and 3D staining (CD-31) with optimized CUBIC
14) Murata, T. et al. : "Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Subclinical Extension of Extramammary Paget's Disease: Visualization of Histological Border and Its Comparison to Clinical Border.", Br J Dermatol., 177(1), 229 (2016). doi: 10.1111/bjd.15282 Paget病診断へのCUBICの応用, ヒト皮膚での免染
15) Moschetta, M. et al. : "Targeting vasculogenesis to prevent progression in multiple myeloma." Leukemia, 30(5), 1103 (2016).; doi: 10.1038/leu.2016.3 confocal imaging of the intra-bone tumor cells and functional vessels cleared with CUBIC
16) Lloyd-Lewis, B. et al. : "Imaging the mammary gland and mammary tumours in 3D: optical tissue clearing and immunofluorescence methods.", Breast Cancer Research, 18, 127 (2016). clearing and imaging of mouse mammary gland with CUBIC/SeeDB
17) Liang, H. et al. : "Imaging Serotonergic Fibers in the Mouse Spinal Cord Using the CLARITY/CUBIC Technique.", J Vis Exp., (108), 53673 (2016). doi: 10.3791/53673. CLARITY+CUBICでspinal cordの透明化を加速、セロトニンニューロンを染色して可視化
18) Liang, H. et al. : "CUBIC Protocol Visualizes Protein Expression at Single Cell Resolution in Whole Mount Skin Preparations.", J. Vis. Exp., 114, 54401 (2016). Skin staining and imaging protocol with CUBIC
19) Li. J, et al. : "Single-Cell Lineage Tracing Reveals that Oriented Cell Division Contributes to Trabecular Morphogenesis and Regional Specification.", Cell Reports, 15(1), 158 (2016). doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2016.03.012 心臓発生の観察にCUBICを応用
20) Lee, E. et al. : "ACT-PRESTO: Rapid and consistent tissue clearing and labeling method for 3-dimensional (3D) imaging.", Scientific Reports, 6, 18631 (2016). CUBIC処理組織での免染例、CLARITY組織と比較
21) Kolesová, H. et al. : "Comparison of different tissue clearing methods and 3D imaging techniques for visualization of GFP-expressing mouse embryos and embryonic hearts.", Histochem Cell Biol., 146(2), 141 (2016). DBE, CLARITY, Scaleと比べてCUBICが透明度、GFP保存性でbestと。
22) Igarashi, H. et al. : "A Novel Reporter Rat Strain That Conditionally Expresses the Bright Red Fluorescent Protein tdTomato.", PLoS one, 11(5), e0155687 (2016). Application in thick rat brain, tdTomato expressed
23) Guldner, IH. et al. : "An Integrative Platform for Three-dimensional Quantitative Analysis of Spatially Heterogeneous Metastasis Landscapes.", Scientific Reports, 6, 24201 (2016). がんの転移巣の解析手法(SMART-3D)を開発、透明化にPACT+CUBIC
24) Guggilam, A. et al. : "Cardiac Malformations in EMILIN2 Decient Mice.", Int J Cardiovasc Res, 5, 5 (2016). Optic tomographyを用いて遺伝子改変マウスでの心臓奇形の形態学的解析
25) Fumoto, S. et al. : "Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Intracellular Fate of Plasmid DNA and Transgene Expression: ZsGreen1 and Tissue Clearing Method CUBIC Are an Optimal Combination for Multicolor Deep Imaging in Murine Tissues.", PLoS ONE, 11(1), e0148233 (2016). Hydrodynamic injectionによるplasmidの体内分布の計測にCUBIC応用、他の透明化法より良いと
26) Economo, MN. et al. : "A platform for brain-wide imaging and reconstruction of individual neurons.", eLife, 5, e10566 (2016). sectioning tomography にコンパチな透明化手法を開発、脱脂にCUBIC1を利用
27) Davis, FM. et al. : "Single-cell lineage tracing in the mammary gland reveals stochastic clonal dispersion of stem/progenitor cell progeny.", Nature Communications, 7, 13053 (2016). 乳腺stem cellからのlineage tracingにCUBIC&SeeDB利用、染色、免染も
28) Chen, JY. et al. : "Hoxb5 marks long-term haematopoietic stem cells and reveals a homogenous perivascular niche.", Nature, 530, 223 (2016). 骨髄の3DイメージングにCUBICを応用
29) Calvigioni, D. et al. : "Functional Differentiation of Cholecystokinin-Containing Interneurons Destined for the Cerebral Cortex.", Cerebral Cortex, 27(4), 2453 (2016). mouse embryo clearing and imaging with Light sheet Z.1 / observing CCK+ neuron development
30) Lloyd-Lewis, B. et al. : "Imaging the mammary gland and mammary tumours in 3D: optical tissue clearing and immunofluorescence methods.", Breast Cancer Res., 18, 127 (2016). 乳腺の透明化と免染、CUBIC, SeeDB, PACT比較
31) Abe. J, et al. : "Light sheet fluorescence microscopy for in situ cell interaction analysis in mouse lymph nodes.", Journal of Immunological Methods, 431, 1 (2016). リンパ節のSPIMイメージング、透明化法比較してCUBICが良いと
32) Yokoyama, T. et al. : "Quantification of sympathetic hyperinnervation and denervation after myocardial infarction by three-dimensional assessment of the cardiac sympathetic network in cleared transparent murine hearts.", PLoS ONE, 12(7), e0182072 (2017). whole-mouse heartのclearing&immunostaining(交感神経をTHで染色)&3D imaging, Zeiss Z1使用
33) Yamamoto, J. et al. : "Neuronal signals regulate obesity induced β-cell proliferation by FoxM1 dependent mechanism.", Nat Commun, 8, 1930 (2017). Immunostaining and 3D imaging of islet-nerving VAChT neuron
34) Watson, AM. et al. : "Ribbon scanning confocal for high-speed high-resolution volume imaging of brain.", PLoS ONE, 12(7), e0180486 (2017). Confocalでのvolumetric imaging(rat, marmoset brain)にCUBICを利用, Rabies、immunostain(GFAP)あり
35) Sato, K. et al. : "Understanding microstructure of the brain by comparison of neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI) with transparent mouse brain." Acta Radiologica Open, 6(4), 1 (2017). MRI手法(NODDI)の光学観察によるvalidationにCUBICを利用
36) Romanov, RA. et al. : "Molecular interrogation of hypothalamic organization reveals distinct dopamine neuronal subtypes.", Nat Neurosci., 20, 176 (2017). 視床下部の細胞種を1細胞シーケンスで同定、特定の細胞種の分布をIHC&CUBIC&LSFMで3D観察
37) Ohnuma, S. et al. : "Application of Tissue Clearing Techniques to 3D Study of Infectious Disease Pathology in Fish.", Fish Pathology, 52, 96 (2017). 魚での透明化テスト、ClearT, SeeDBと比べてCUBICのパフォーマンスが良いと
38) Nishikawa, T. et al. : "Using size-controlled multicellular spheroids of murine adenocarcinoma cells to efficiently establish pulmonary tumors in mice.", Biotech J, 12, (2017). doi: 10.1002/biot.201600513. 移植培養細胞の肺への分布をモニターするためにCUBICを利用
39) Matryba, P. et al. : "Optimized perfusion-based CUBIC protocol for the efficient whole-body clearing and imaging of rat organs.", J Biophotonics., 11, e201700248 (2017). doi: 10.1002/jbio.201700248. CUBIC perfusion protocolをrat whole bodyに適応
40) Maruoka, H. et al. : "Lattice system of functionally distinct cell types in the neocortex.", Science, 358, 610 (2017). マウス脳 thick slice での免染及びイメージング
41) Lin, C. and Cronin, TW. : "Two visual systems in one eyestalk: The unusual optic lobe metamorphosis in the stomatopod Alima pacifica.", Developmental Neurobiology, 78, 3 (2017). DOI: 10.1002/dneu.22550 Alima pacificaのwhole-mount immunostaining
42) Kwon, YW. et al. : "N-Acetylated Proline-Glycine-Proline Accelerates Cutaneous Wound Healing and Neovascularization by Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells.", Scientific Rep., 7, 43057 (2017). 皮膚の創傷治癒過程における血管新生に対して、薬剤の治療効果をIHCとCUBICで観察
43) Kiefer, C. et al. : "Longitudinal imaging of HIV-1 spread in humanized mice with parallel 3D immunofluorescence and electron tomography.", eLife, 6, e23282 (2017) HIV感染モデルでのspleen観察にCUBICを利用
44) Kawasaki, H. et al. : "Pathogenesis of developmental anomalies of the central nervous system induced by congenital cytomegalovirus infection.", Pathology International, 67, 72 (2017). DOI: 10.1111/pin.12502 rodent whole brainでCMV感染のexpansionを評価
45) Kakimoto, T. : "Validation of an easily applicable three-dimensional immunohistochemical imaging method for a mouse brain using conventional confocal microscopy.", Histochem Cell Biol., 149, 97 (2017). DOI 10.1007/s00418-017-1614-0 組織のthick sliceで3D免染、ScaleとCUBICで透明化
46) Kagami, K. et al. : "Three-dimensional visualization of intrauterine conceptus through the uterine wall by tissue clearing method.", Scientific Reports, 7, 5964 (2017). Tissue clearing and 3D imaging of pregnant uterus and placenta.
47) Irie, R. et al. : "The Relationship between Neurite Density Measured with Confocal Microscopy in a Cleared Mouse Brain and Metrics Obtained from Diffusion Tensor and Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging.", Magn Reson Med Sci, 17, 138 (2017). doi:10.2463/ CUBIC was used to determine the relationship between DKI metrics and neurite density measured using confocal microscopy of a cleared mouse brain.
48) Ieyasu, A. et al. : "An All-Recombinant Protein-Based Culture System Specifically Identifies Hematopoietic Stem Cell Maintenance Factors.", Stem Cell Rep., 8, 500 (2017).
3D observation of bone marrow with IHC and CUBIC
49) HÖÖK, P. et al. : "Whole blood clot optical clearing for nondestructive 3D imaging and quantitative analysis.", Boomed Opt Exp, 8, 3671 (2017). CUBIC1を改良し、全血clotの透明化手法を開発
50) Gómez-Gaviro, MV. et al. : "Optimized CUBIC protocol for 3D imaging of chicken embryos at single-cell resolution.", Development, 144, 2092 (2017). doi: 10.1242/dev.145805 TEMによる評価もあり、subcellular structureは保存されていると
51) Gimenez, U. et al. : "3D imaging of the brain morphology and connectivity defects in a model of psychiatric disorders: MAP6-KO mice.", Scientific Reports, 7, 10308 (2017). psychiatric disordersモデルマウス脳の解析にCUBICを利用
52) Furlan, G. et al. : "Life-Long Neurogenic Activity of Individual Neural Stem Cells and Continuous Growth Establish an Outside-In Architecture in the Teleost Pallium.", Current Biology, 27, 3288 (2017). ゼブラフィッシュ whole brain での免染&clearing
53) Frétaud, M. et al. : "High-resolution 3D imaging of whole organ after clearing: taking a new look at the zebrafish testis.", Scientific Reports, 7, 43012 (2017). Zebrafish testisにCUBIC/PACTによるイメージングが有効と
54) Cuccarese, MF. et al. : "Heterogeneity of macrophage infiltration and therapeutic response in lung carcinoma revealed by 3D organ imaging.", Nat Commun, 8, 14923 (2017). 全肺の癌転移イメージングをCUBICで施行
55) Cho, GS. et al. : "Neonatal Transplantation Confers Maturation of PSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes Conducive to Modeling Cardiomyopathy.", Cell Reports, 18, 571 (2017). stem cell-derived caridomyociteのtransplantを3D評価
56) Xu, J. et al. : "Quantitative assessment of optical clearing methods in various intact mouse organs.", J Biophotonics, 12, e201800134 (2018). DOI: 10.1002/jbio.201800134 Comparison of various clearing techniques by a third-party group. Some procedures seems not to be optimized or applied inappropriately.
57) Wu, Y. et al. : "A Population of Navigator Neurons Is Essential for Olfactory Map Formation during the Critical Period.", Neuron, 100, 1066 (2018). DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2018.09.051 Axon tracking of olfactory sensory neuron by using passive CLARITY and ScaleCUBIC-2
58) Wang, L. et al. : "The coding of valence and identity in the mammalian taste system." Nature, 558, 127 (2018). Whole CUBIC pipeline (clearing, imaging and informatics) was applied to find out taste sensing circuit in mouse brains
59) Tsuchiya, Y. et al. : "Ripply3 is required for the maintenance of epithelial sheets in the morphogenesis of pharyngeal pouches.", Development, Growth and Differentiation, 60(2), 87 (2018). 3D visualization of Ripply3 KO embryo
60) Su, WF. et al. : "Overexpression of P2X4 receptor in Schwann cells promotes motor and sensory functional recovery and remyelination via BDNF secretion after nerve injury.", GLIA, 67, 78 (2018). DOI: 10.1002/glia.23527 Mouse sciatic nerve tissue clearing with ScaleCUBIC for the confirmation of lentivirus vector infection and transgene expression
61) Stednitz, SJ. et al. : "Forebrain Control of Behaviorally Driven Social Orienting in Zebrafish.", Current Biology, 28(15), 2445 (2018). Zebrafish brain clearing and imaging with CUBIC
62) Scaros, AT. et al. : "Immunohistochemical Approach to Understanding the Organization of the Olfactory System in the Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis.", ACS Chem. Neurosci., 9, 2074 (2018). DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.8b00021 Whole-mount immunostaining and volumetric imaging of the species on CUBIC
63) Sánchez-Valdéz, FJ. et al. : "Spontaneous dormancy protects Trypanosoma cruzi during extended drug exposure.", eLife, 7, e34039 (2018). Observing Trypanosoma infection in tissue with CUBIC
64) Pende, M. et al. : "High-resolution ultramicroscopy of the developing and adult nervous system in optically cleared Drosophila melanogaster.", Nature Communications, 9, 4731 (2018). Modified ScaleCUBIC reagent for clearing and depigmentation of Drosophila
65) Mikolajewicz, K1. and Chodaczek, G. : "Going deeper: three‐dimensional study of γδ T cells in mouse reproductive tract using tissue clearing methods.", Immunology & Cell Biology, 97, 104 (2018).
Immunostained whole-mounted vaginal wall observation with CUBIC and ScaleS
66) Lloyd-Lewis, B. et al. : "Neutral lineage tracing of proliferative embryonic and adult mammary stem/progenitor cells.", Development 145, dev164079 (2018). clearing and imaging of mouse mammary gland with CUBIC/SeeDB
67) Lanjakornsiripan, D. et al. : "Layer-specific morphological and molecular differences in neocortical astrocytes and their dependence on neuronal layers.", Nature Communications, 9, 1623 (2018). imaging of layer-specific astrocytes morphology on CUBIC
68) Kolesová, H. et al. : "Novel Approaches to Study Coronary VasculatureDevelopment in Mice." Developmental Dynamics, 247, 1018 (2018). DOI: 10.1002/DVDY.24637 Use CUBIC for studying heart development of mice
69) Kiyoshi, CM. et al. : "Syncytial isopotentiality: A system-wide electrical feature of astrocytic networks in the brain.", Glia, 66, 2756 (2018). DOI: 10.1002/glia.23525 3D observation of astrocytes in the cerebral cortex
70) Kaucka, M. et al. : "Signals from the brain and olfactory epithelium control shaping of the mammalian nasal capsule cartilage.", eLife, 7, e34465 (2018). whole head clearing and imaging for the study of brain-derived Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) and nasal facial cartilage morphogenesis
71) Kassem, MS. et al. : "A novel, modernized Golgi-Cox stain optimized for CLARITY cleared tissue.", J Neurosci Methods, 294, 102 (2018). Golgi-Cox staining on CLARITY/CUBIC, stains eventually removed in SC1A
72) Kagami, K. et al. : "Three-dimensional evaluation of murine ovarian follicles using a modified CUBIC tissue clearing method.", Reprod Biol Endocrinol., 16, 72 (2018). 3D evaluation of murine ovalian tissue with modified CUBIC
73) Imanishi, A. et al. : "A novel morphological marker for the analysis of molecular activities at the single-cell level.", Cell Structure and Function, 43, 129 (2018). DOI: 10.1247/csf.18013 Use CUBIC for observing 3D architecture of NuCyM (Nucleus, Cytosol, Membrane) mice
74) Hume, RD. et al. : "An engineered human adipose/collagen model for in vitro breast cancer cell migration studies.", Tissue Engineering, 24, 1309 (2018). clearing, immunostaining and imaging of human breast tumor biopsy samples
75) Hume, RD. et al. : "Tumour cell invasiveness and response to chemotherapeutics in adipocyte invested 3D engineered anisotropic collagen scaffolds.", Scientific reports, 8, 12658 (2018). Clearing, staining and 3D imaging of 3D cultured tumor cell spheroid
76) Hruska, M. et al. : "Synaptic nanomodules underlie the organization and plasticity of spine synapses.", Nature Neuroscience, 21, 672 (2018). multi-color STED imaging of spine molecules on CUBIC
77) Haraguchi, A. et al. : "Determining Transgene Expression Characteristics Using a Suction Device with Multiple Hole Adjusting a Left Lateral Lobe of the Mouse Liver." Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 41(6), 944 (2018). mouse liver clearing expressing ZsGreen
78) Gonzalez, BD. et al. : "Excess LINC complexes impair brain morphogenesis in a mouse model of recessive-TOR1A disease.", Human Molecular Genetics, 27, 2154 (2018). DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddy125 Application in mouse embryo clearing
79) Divakaruni, SS. et al. : "Long-Term Potentiation Requires a Rapid Burst of Dendritic Mitochondrial Fission during Induction.", Neuron, 100, 860 (2018). DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2018.09.025 Post-fixed observation of mouse acute hippocanpal slice with CUBIC
80) Bozycki, L. et al. : "Whole-body clearing, staining and screening of calcium deposits in the mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.", Skeletal Muscle, 8, 21 (2018). develop a methodology suitable for rapid and high-resolution screening of calcium deposits within the entire murine organism by using perfusion-based CUBIC protocol.
81) Arima, Y. et al. : "Evaluation of Collateral Source Characteristics With 3‐Dimensional Analysis Using Micro-X‐Ray Computed Tomography.", Journal of the American Heart Association., 7, e007800 (2018). Embryonic 3D imaging with CUBIC
82) Ando, K. et al. : "Chapter 21 - 3D imaging in the postmortem human brain with CLARITY and CUBIC.", Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 150, 303 (2018).
83) Pavlova, PI. et al. : "Optimization of immunolabeling and clearing techniques for indelibly‐labeled memory traces." Hippocampus, 28, 523 (2018). EAP DOI: 10.1002/hipo.22951 FP発現サンプルに対する免染、複数のclearing法を試してmodified CUBIC法を適用
84) Kumar, M. et al. : "Low cost light-sheet microscopy for whole brain imaging", Proc. SPIE, 10499, (2018) Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing XXV, 104991 Use CUBIC protocol for mouse brain clearng & imaging by using custom-build low-cost LSFM
85) Justus, D. et al. : "Glutamatergic synaptic integration of locomotion speed via septoentorhinal projections", Nat Neurosci, 20, 16 (2018). doi:10.1038/nn.4447 Brain imaging with CUBIC
86) Young, CNJ. et al. : "Total absence of dystrophin expression exacerbates ectopic myofiber calcification, fibrosis, and alters macrophage infiltration patterns.", The American Journal of Pathology 2019, DOI: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2019.09.021 Whole-body tissue clearing, imaging, and analysis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy model mouse with alizarin red staining
87) Yin, X. et al. : "Spatial Distribution of Motor Endplates and its Adaptive Change in Skeletal Muscle.", Theranostics., 9(3), 734 (2019). Clearing of mouse muscle (comparing several clearing methods including CUBIC)
88) Yang, D. et al. : "Axon-like protrusions promote small cell lung cancer migration and metastasis.", bioRxiv, (2019). DOI: 10.1101/726026. Whole-mount immunostaining of cancer tissue in the mouse model with 1st gen. CUBIC.
89) Xu, Y. et al. : "Imaging the brain in 3D using a combination of CUBIC and immunofluorescence staining. ", Biomed Opt Exp., 10(4), 2141 (2019). A case report of 3D immunostaining with CUBIC.
90) Watanabe-Takano, H. et al. : "Periosteum-derived Osteocrin regulates bone growth through both endochondral ossification and intramembranous ossification.", bioRxiv, (2019) Whole-mount b-gal staining and CUBIC clearing of whole mouse body
91) Wang, G. et al. : "Abnormal Behavior of Zebrafish Mutant in Dopamine Transporter Is Rescued by Clozapine.", iScience., 17, 325 (2019). Used CUBIC to visualize TH+ neurons throughout the entire adult zebrafish brain
92) Vints, K. et al. : "Modernization of Golgi staining techniques for high-resolution, 3-dimensional imaging of individual neurons.", Sci Rep, 9, 130 (2019). Combination of modernized Golgi staining and 3D observation with CUBIC
93) Vergara, C. et al. : "Amyloid-β pathology enhances pathological fibrillary tau seeding induced by Alzheimer PHF in vivo.", Acta Neuropathologica, 137, 397 (2019). DOI: 10.1007/s00401-018-1953-5 The 3D-association between amyloid and tau pathologies was analyzed using the CUBIC method for tissue clarification.
94) Ueda, M. et al. : "Combined multiphoton imaging and biaxial tissue extension for quantitative analysis of geometric fiber organization in human reticular dermis.", Scientific Reports, 9, 10644 (2019). 3D imaging of human skin with CUBIC
95) Tomita, Y. et al. : "Ninjurin 1 mediates peripheral nerve regeneration through Schwann cell maturation of NG2-positive cells", BBRC, 519, 462 (2019). DOI: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2019.09.007 Whole-mount imaging of mouse nerve sample with 1st gen. CUBIC
96) Togami, K. et al. : "Evaluation of various tissue-clearing techniques for the three-dimensional visualization of liposome distribution in mouse lungs at the alveolar scale.", Int J Pharmaceutics, 562, 218 (2019). DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2019.03.032 Evaluation of ClearT2, CUBIC, ScaleS, and SeeDB2, for the purpose of observing the distribution of pulmonary drug delivery systems using intrapulmonary liposomes as drug carriers.
97) Stewart, TA. et al. : "Developmental Stage-Specific Distribution of Macrophages in Mouse Mammary Gland.", Frontiers Cell Dev Biol, 7, 250 (2019). DOI: 10.3389/fcell.2019.00250 CUBIC-Based Tissue Clearing and IHC of mouse mammary gland
98) Soubéran, A. et al. : "Effects of VEGF blockade on the dynamics of the inflammatory landscape in glioblastoma-bearing mice.", J Neuroinflammation, 16, 191 (2019). CUBIC clearing treatment and 2P imaging of whole mouse brains
99) Schuman, B. et al. : "Four Unique Interneuron Populations Reside in Neocortical Layer 1.", J Neurosci, 39, 125 (2019). Morphological observation of interneurons with CUBIC
100) Scaros, AT. et al. : "Histamine and histidine decarboxylase in the olfactory system and brain of the common cuttlefish Sepia officinalis.", J Comparative Neurology, 2019, DOI: 10.1002/cne.24809 Whole mount immunostaining and clearing of the cuttlefish species with CUBIC
101) Sanz-Ortega, L. et al. : "T cells loaded with magnetic nanoparticles are retained in peripheral lymph nodes by the application of a magnetic field.", J Nanobiotech 17, 14 (2019). mouse LNs observation with CUBIC clearing and SPIM
102) Rocha, MD. et al. : "Tissue Clearing and Light Sheet Microscopy: Imaging the Unsectioned Adult Zebra Finch Brain at Cellular Resolution.", Front Neuroanat., 13, 13 (2019). Brain clearing and LSFM imaging of Zebra finch with CUBIC and iDISCO+
103) Platel, JC. et al. : "Neuronal integration in the adult mouse olfactory bulb is a non-selective addition process.", eLIFE, 8, e44830 (2019). Light-sheet observation of TOPRO3-stained adult mouse OB with CUBIC
104) Okuma, N. et al. : "Optogenetic Stimulation of 5-HT Neurons in the Median Raphe Nucleus Affects Anxiety and Respiration.", Showa Univ J Med Sci, 31(3), 263 (2019). Mouse brain slice clearing with CUBIC
105) Nishimura, K. et al. : "Application of Direct Sonoporation from a Defined Surface Area of the Peritoneum: Evaluation of Transfection Characteristics in Mice.", Pharmaceutics 11, 244 (2019). Immunohistochemical application of CUBIC with mouse tissue
106) Mori, T. et al. : "See-through observation of malaria parasite behaviors in the mosquito vector.", Scientific Reports, 9, 1768 (2019). Malaria parasite detection and imaging with CUBIC
107) Menshykau, D. et al. : "Image-based modeling of kidney branching morphogenesis reveals GDNF-RET based Turing-type mechanism and pattern-modulating WNT11 feedback.", Nature Communications, 10, 239 (2019). Whole mount pERK immunostaining of mouse kidneys from E12.5 embryos by using CUBIC
108) Masullo, L. et al. : "Genetically Defined Functional Modules for Spatial Orienting in the Mouse Superior Colliculus.", Current Biology, 29, 2892 (2019). AOP DOI: Use CUBIC for 3D brain clearing and imaging
109) Ma, Y. et al. : "Optimized 3DISCO for imaging of heme-rich tissues by decolorization.", SPIE BiOS, 2019, Proceedings Volume 10877, Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XVI; 108770P DOI: Use CUBIC-L for decolorization reagent combined with 3DISCO
110) Luxey, M. et al. : "Development of the chick wing and leg neuromuscular systems and their plasticity in response to changes in digit numbers.", Developmental Biology, (2019). DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2019.10.035 Whole-mount immunostaining and tissue clearing of chicken embryo
111) Li, Y. et al. : "An applicable whole-mount immunolabeling method for volume imaging of skeletal muscle.", SPIE BiOS, 2019, Proceedings Volume 10865, Neural Imaging and Sensing 2019; 108651E DOI: whole-mount immunostaining and volumetric imaging of skeletal muscle with combination of CUBIC and iDISCO.
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113) Hasegawa, S. et al. : "Comprehensive three-dimensional analysis (CUBIC-kidney) visualizes abnormal renal sympathetic nerves after ischemia/reperfusion injury.", Kidney Intl., 96, 129 (2019). AOP CUBIC + immunohistochemistry of whole mouse kidney
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