Rechargeable Magnesium Battery

Rechargeable magnesium battery using magnesium metal for anode is attracting candidate for post-lithium ion batteries, because magnesium has a larger volumetric capacity (about 3830mAhcm-3) than that of lithium (about 2060mAhcm-3), and its resources are abundant in the earth's crust.
It is required for the operation of rechargeable magnesium battery that a magnesium anode is not passivated and the diffusion of magnesium ion in the cathode material is fast.
We indroduce the Maglution® series that is electrolytic solution for rechargeable magnesium containing a boron-based magnesium salt developed in our company.

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Features of Maglution™ series

  • Maglution™ series have high oxidative stability (about 3.0 V for Pt, carbon electrode)
  • Magnesium can be dissolved and precipitated in the electrolytic solution
  • Maglution™ series show high conductivity (over 2 mScm-1 at 27℃)

Author: K. Sato

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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