Electrolyte Solutions for Rechargeable Magnesium Battery

Rechargeable magnesium batteries have been considered as candidates for next generation batteries due to higher energy density. FUJIFILM Wako has developed the new electrolytes for the magnesium batteries that show high oxidative stabilities. Our products "Maglution™" help your research activities of new batteries.

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  • We have developed a unique non-nucleophilic magnesium salt based on boric acid.
  • The electrolyte ‘Maglution™’ prepared from this magnesium salt shows electrochemically high performance.



Physical Properties

Product Name Chemical Structure Conductivity
(mS/cm, 27℃)
Maglution™ B01 2.15
Maglution™ B02 3.80


Maglution™ B01

  • Maglution™ B01 is the Triglyme-based electrolyte confirmed deposition and dissolution of magnesium metal.
  • The high oxidative stability and low volatility of Maglution™ B01 enable researchers to experiment easily.


00236-img04.png 00236-img05.png

Maglution™ B02

  • Maglution™ B02 is the THF-containing electrolyte that shows excellent electrochemical performance.
  • The high conductivity of Maglution™ B02 will realize more efficient rechargeable magnesium batteries.



This is an result of charge-discharge test using carbon paper as current collector.


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Author: K. Sato

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